Thursday, April 2, 2009

bla bla bla

yeahh i am out of topic... :) everyday when i am at home, i really feel like blogging. today as i was driving to work, i was thinking of my blog. i have not been updating my blog. reason, me, too busy... so, the conclusion is, those who blogs are people who has nothing else to do?? heh... heh.... jangan marah... i am a blogger too... so, it hits back on me. whatever laahhh... i still believe blogging reduce stress ;) kan :D

news: i now know someone who has melaga2kan myself with another blogger. and that causes the other blogger to think bad about me. tak pe laahh orang nak buruk sangka and insecure. just that now i know, i feel much better. perhaps if that blogger at least open her eyes and use her brain, she would start to think... the weird think is, how did this person got my blog address and that blogger's blog address too.. and somehow, we know the same person.? weird huh... hmmm

confession: i had this chat with SA 2 nights ago. i was feeling so down about something. i just had to bug him :)... and yeahh .. his statement was, 'men are bastards... that's why...' hehehe :D coming from a man kan... so macam best je confession tuh... and yeahhh... i am stronger than i think i am. my kids' happiness is important but at the same time, mine too... :) yes, i hear you my friend... thank you.

oh yess... i owe you guys a few pictures... so here goes...