Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st weekend

it's the first weekend spent as a family... hehehe :D not bad at all. as i am typing this, joelis and AD are watching king tut... err i think, on tv... we just had bday celebration at de templer with my parents and sisters and the rest of the bunch. food was good. pricey.. yeup... but thats our family... big spender.. :P hahaha :D nope, not really proud of that title but we just wanna have good food.. duhh...

well anyway, AD bought 2 dvd on the way back... 1 chosen by the girls.. thats me and lisa.. and the other one by the boys.. :) and now i am sleepy already... knowing me, normally i will only get to watch the dvd weeks later..

the washing machine broke down.. :(... so here i am browsing for a used washing machine.. i bought 1 for the guesthouse 2 years back and it was like new. :) i am just tired of calling the service guy again and again... hmmmm...

yes i am babbling... sleepy... tired.. our clothes are soaked now.. gggrrr... ok lah... i sign off first... catcha later ;)

ohh... i got bored today that i bought a new handphone... :P hahaha... sony erricson.. ok lah..