Sunday, March 22, 2009

so pissed

it just so pissed me off... and the adrenalin rush too... supposedly the adrenalin rush is for excitement, no? but i just need to write this in my blog. i am just so damn pissed off. yeupp to another fellow malaysian.

i rent out the guesthouse to this family last year. EF came to the guesthouse and plead that i rent out the place for short term. i was at first quite hesitant. however since i am a soft hearted person, i agreed to rent it out to her. 1st thing that shocked me was when the sister who signed the agreement with me and not EF. and more shocking, she registered like 10 names to be in the house... i was still okay... what really pissed me off, when they moved out 2 months later, the house was filthy!!! the dust was thick. i had to get 2 maids to help me clean up the mess coz i got a new tenant. bed was broken, the sofa was broken... the sofa cushion color looked as if i have not washed it for 2 years!!! my new hanger at the balcony ceiling was broken too!! and i installed that brand new for RM385!! i was really pissed off.... AD was extremely upset!!

and since i still hold the deposit, i minus out from it. and now the ex-tenant said that it was too much to pay. well, i took really good care of the house, and rent it out perfect to them.. if all are damaged, pay lah!!! i dont run a charity house... i had to fork out more than what i charged her... if i wanted to be detailed, she would only get RM50 out of her deposit!!! there you go...!!!

goshhh.... just because you rent a place, does not mean that you dont take care of the place... it only reflect how dirty you are!!!

and i thought some tenant from Middle East are rough.... *sigh*... some Malaysians are dirty!!!


Dollah said...

Recommend tenant u belajar pendidikan moral. Siap ajar kebersihan :)