when things go haywire...

life is like a cycle... sometimes you are up and at times you are down. i am not at the down phase right now, just that having some lots of things to be done at the same time. then, you wish you are like a sotong by having lots of hands to help you around. things around me too at times just pissed me off. me, for one, am not a person who kisses ass just to be closed to someone. it is more of wysiwyg person. so, if you wanna be close to me - dont kiss my ass as it wont work either!

the guesthouse is giving quite a lot of problems lately... dunno la... i supposed the person who is staying there now tak de 'ong' kut... *sigh* everyday this week i have been receiving calls from her.. the previous tenant has also giving me hell! if i know most of my things there are not gonna be taken care of, i would not have been agreed to rent it out to them. but then again, let that be a lesson to me.

as promised, some pictures of our outing in port dickson 2 weeks ago. nowadays i seldom take pictures when we go to the beach as it's gonna be the same beach anyway... hehehe :D mana lagi kalau tak port dickson. so, enjoy the pictures people ;) we stayed at admiral cove. and as mentioned, it was a last minute decision .. and of course we had fun... and at the end of the day, my joelis have turned dark brown and AD turned like a BBQed prawn!! heh heh :D

hmmmm what else...? aahhh valentines... nope, i dont celebrate valentines.. why? coz, just dont feel like it. i'd rather celebrate anniversary or birthdays... :) anyway, AD and i went out on valentines' eve.. as usual, at time, i do feel just wanna go out.. chill... but it didn't turn out that nice that night. we went to WH but the band was not as good as we expected. then, i suggested that we join my friends at HR... however things happened that i didn't really want to stay there any longer... and as we drove home that night, we saw couples holding flowers in their hand... and people still sellling stocks of roses.. :) and yeahh they looked sweet and whatever mushy stuff lah.. and if you asked me, i dont feel anything. perhaps that night AD thought that i'd want something for valentines... hehehehe :D honestly... no, i dont. :) serious... :) however, the next day.. AD gave me a pair of earring and necklace which was a very sweet gesture from him... from someone who is not romantic but at times his actions makes him the sweetest person ... hahah :D o'oh now i feel guilty for not getting him anything :P

valentines party... received an sms from my dear RW informing us that they will be performing at CW... since no cover charge, we decided to go and have a look. well, yeah we may sound cheapskate.. err is that the right word? the thing is, we both dont drink, so if we need to pay cover charge, mcm bazir duit jer... hehehe :D unless if the place is really happening lah kan.. ;) anyway, we enjoyed the time there... and i learned new steps from RW... yey..


youbee said…
hii kak ain...
Ein said…
hi youbee.... wahhhh lama sekali tidak dengar khabar berita yaaa... :)

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