Thursday, February 26, 2009

minor shock!

i just returned from lunch with my colleague today when i received a phone call from AD. and my first line to him was... 'ahhh... you are still alive!!' err... that's another way of saying, 'hey i miss you' in our language... ahakss... :D well anyway, his respond was quite shocking when he said, 'yeahh i am alive but my scooter is not here!! where can it be???' i went, 'what??? stolen or what??' and bla.. bla.. bla.. so, i took my car keys with me, after seeing my boss, i told AD to wait there at klcc and i will go and pick him up to make a police report.

reached the police station at about 3pm... i just asked the policeman if could it be that DBKL picked up his scooter for parking at the pavement? and the policeman was kind enough to check for us... and alhamdulillah, DBKL took his scooter... well, better than stolen, right?? :D

so, we drove to the store in Jinjang... God knows where, but alhamdulillah, it was not difficult to search once i know the landmarks. paid the compound, took the scooter and left... i drove back to the office. but he was not that happy... his scooter was scratched at 3 places... hmmm anyway, lesson learnt, next time park at the right place ;)

i will upload the picture when i have the time :) now i want to go home.. :P