Monday, February 23, 2009

here and there

had a good weekend... well sort of.. heee :D ignoring the sad part, focusing on the fun part... as usual :) joey's activity when he is at home... he will massage my dad when he needed one.. last time joey used to get paid for his tiny little fingers massage... hey... he is good in it! :) well anyway, it was more for fun.

my dad helped me to repair a few of the beds' platform at the guesthouse. so, my dad and i went to the 'kedai kayu' (my brain doesnt seem to work this morning!) and get some good kayu... and he did it all... :) love you dad!! you are the best!!

hmmm what else... lisa got an invitation from my eldest sister to watch PGL... hmmm happy la dia. It was a last minute thingy... and Lisa is having her exam this morning, but then again, considering the ticket is expensive and aahhhh pergi je lah... so, Lisa went with my sister (N3) and Kelly, my niece... melawa sakan anak dara aku tuh with her half inch heels... oh mannnn.... my girl is growing up!!! :P