Monday, February 9, 2009

Beach, here we come...

After all the unnecessary stress going around, last Saturday, we went to the beach. I like doing things unplanned. Original plan was, I wanted to go out with AD - have not been out for a while. I mean real out i.e. having fun. So, I thought of going out dancing. And knowing me, who can be a fickle minded person - decided to go to the beach instead! Yeahh... AD have been saying that I need more color on my body... duhh... :P hehehe :D one thing I like about this relationship, I don't have to spend money on whitening cream or lotion... ahaksss... :P

So, when I was watching TV with lisa in my mom's bedroom, replied to SA's sms asked him if there is still room available... and... beach here we come!!

It was a short trip... 1 night only but it was okay for a short break. I had a different kind of fun.. with joelis and AD with me at the same time. If I were to go dancing, yes I will enjoy myself but I will be missing joelis.. so, now I get all the loved ones together. ;) better huh... :)

We had dinner by the beach... with entertainment. They were ok but not that good. I think the group before them was better.

errr... will cont later... wanna watch dvd now.. :P hee hee