Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more fun time!!

we had a surprise birthday celebration for joey last saturday. the thought just came on friday. and i just felt like having a bbq at my parents' place. so, asked my mom if it was okay to have joey's celebration. not a huge one but the signature is the balloons. got my friend to bake the cake for joey. i got a few red balloons to match with the kungfu panda cake. smsed my close friend who studied together in UB and also Joey's bff - Naquib. :) Didn't want a huge crowd as there was not supposed to be a party ... hehehe :D anyway, it was fun. My cousin turned up suddenly with his family which was cool. :) We had more people unplanned. And my mak long was there too. It was great actually. Joey was quite surprised. He was sad initially coz he thought no one celebrates his birthday hhahaa :D anyway, i was glad that he was happy... especially when he got his hulk transformers for his birthday present from us :)

1220pm today:

joey: ma... joey pelik la
me: pelik? knp?
joey: daddy didnt call me or sms me on my birthday..
me: ohh.. really?
joey: yeah... (with his selamba face)
me: hmmm... so.. do you feel sad?
joey: no.. not sad..
me: sad or weird?
joey: weird (and continue eating his lunch)

and at 800pm.... he told his grandmother about this too... how could his dad forget? oh well...

the most important thing, joey had fun last saturday although he had those playing in his mind...


Wafa Nokman said...

Happy Birthday Joey...semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, InsyaAllah. A year older...and a year wiser I hope! :-)

Uncle Wafa