Friday, January 9, 2009

me smiling.. - nasty - uuhhh spicy!

i have been doing lots of driving today to settle a few issues. i am so thankful that my mom accompanied me... pity her, she must be tired. and as usual, this is the time that i used to just chat about things.. lots of things that i might not be able to chat about when i was much younger. hehehe :D adults' stuff.

oh yes, as i was on the highway just now.... we (my mom and i) saw a superbike passing by my car.. and she said, 'wow... if AD is the one riding that bike, he will look so handsome with his tough body!' hahahaha.... i never imagine my mom would compliment AD like that... although i must admit, AD does has muscular body ;)

had a chat with WN the other day about some incident some time ago. someone called me up just to check on her bf. and started to ask me things about her bf and me.. i was like... duhhh... somehow that incident just came up in my head. WN's respond was... 'uuhhh... someone's so insecure' and i just laughed it away.

and this weekend will be a busy weekend again for me... will be contacting my cousin bro who is an interior designer to help me with things next month.. ohhh... i am so excited!! :)

till next time.... insecure is so not sexy.... *grin* but i guess for some people, excusable lah...

to all my readers, you are all welcome to be here... and i am glad you enjoy reading... and to those yang berasa hati... siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas laa... and to have sangkaan buruk about other people, tak baik...

ohh another thing... if you are here just to melaga2kan another blogger with me, hmmm up to you lah... it's fun... whoever you are.. hehehe :D funny when some people starts accusing another person of doing something that she doesnt do.. tapi sebab dia *tut* kan... biasa lah... ahaks...

have a great weekend people.. ;)