Wednesday, January 28, 2009

long weekend

what did we do huh?? oh.. yea... we went for gong xi fa cai... help AD moved his stuff. i really dont feel so well today.. :( i had migraine since yesterday... could be because of the weather lah.. it has been so hot. and i dont know why, now when i eat, i dont feel satisfied. feel like eating more and more.. shit!! this is so not good :(

and yesterday, i just told AD while helping him with his cartons.. :) i wanna eat steamboat. joelis were out with their dad... and ohh.. with the stepmom and lil bro. :) back on the story... so just after packing and un-packing, we both went to johnny's for steamboat. i really enjoyed my food. then we saw this one body builder walking with his wife and kids... gosh, he was huge! i told AD that i dont want him to be that huge!!.. and AD said, he was like that... thank God, i met him now and not then. :P

after steamboat, we went furniture hunting... but somehow, there is none that we really fall in love with :( hence... the hunt was dissappointing...

went for groceries shopping... pick up joelis.. and went straight home... i went flat.. my head was spinning... eh no.. it was like squeezed.. perhaps i better go to the clinic.. later...

better finish my work now..