Thursday, January 8, 2009

here and there

looks like i have been neglecting this blog for a while.. :) sorry people.. too busy updating the other blog ;) things have been very busy. office and home.. perhaps it is true what my friend NF said. i must be very busy at work, home, kids and my prep for the big day. i am still trying to adjust myself with the new place. joelis must be tired. but them being such lovely kids, no complaints from them, unless if i am home late after 9pm from my parents' place. :D and today i realized that i better do something about myself. ever since the moving.. i have been having dinner at my parents' and i eat a lot.. perhaps i should buy the protein shake again. i have been getting hungry too often now. :P

i wish the war would stop. i hate reading the newspapers with all those blood and killing. will boycotting the products actually help? i dont know.. i do use some of them.. or most of them. *sigh* well anyway, i wish not to be like some people who complaints so much about the government but still here in malaysia... why dont that person just migrate somewhere? ohh.. i know, perhaps other country would not take that type of person.. hmmmm *grin*

joelis are asleep now. i am so tired.. my laptop has been infected by virus. will do something about it tomorrow. busy like crazy at the office which i like actually. :) just that too greedy to finish some work by leaving other part.

why am i babbling?? *yawn* i better sleep...