Monday, January 19, 2009

another week...

gosh how time flies. just had a whole day meeting. and during lunch time, the boss asked us if we want to go with him to the dive shop. hehehe :D of course!! although, dont think can do that activity that soon, but hey, the boss is getting some new toys... so we'll help him choose.. hehehe :D

been busy again this weekend. will be like that till a few weeks. with the moving, planning etc... how i wish certain things can be speed up, but, aahh... letih dah nak cakap.

hmmm what else... thought of writing about something that i read today, but i guess, better not, would be immature to comment certain writings. o'uh. i am actually commenting... doink...

what else.. ahhh just finished my gym. lots of legs exercise and abs... urgghhh being tortured.. :P nahhh... exaggerating..

i am watching this drama right now.. so sad lah the drama. 2 kids are going against their mom... and i think the make-up is so thick la for all the actresses.

oh man... this is the most boring posting i have ever posted. :P perhaps, i could update the other fun blog ;)