Friday, January 30, 2009


dont remember the last time i answered surveys.. or lots of questions like these... so here goes.. :)

Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to?
:: no...

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
:: yes... absolutely :P

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
:: counting the Corporate Gift... hehe working.. duhhh..

Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you?
:: my daughter, Lisa

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
:: Wids

What do you spend most of your money on?
:: hmmmm food

Where were you at 1AM sunday morning?
:: at home

Ever kissed someone over 30?
:: yes

Is there a secret you've never told your parents?
:: it is a secret is it not?? duuhhh...

Do you like yourself?
:: of course.. yes!!

Have you ever dyed your hair?
:: every 2 weeks... or 3 weeks.. hahaha

Are you wearing a necklace?
:: yes, that my fiancee gave me :)

Who is someone you wish you could fix things with?
:: none.. never look back!

Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?
:: can't think of any at the moment

Are you an emotional person?
:: very :)

What's something that can always make you feel better?
:: talking to my joelis

Did your parents spoil you as a child?
:: sometimes, yes :) love them.... :*

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?
:: yes, somewhere

How's your heart lately?
:: numb

Are you a cuddler?
:: yes!!

Will this weekend be a good one?
:: i guess so... always look forward for weekend

What do you want right ow?
:: that b*&^% to do what she is supposed to do

Who can always cheer you up?
:: joelis, sister and mom

Who hugged you last?
:: joey, my handsome muchukkkk :* well actually i hugged him :)

Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
:: yes

What is your relationship status?
:: engaged :)

Who was the last person to come to your house?
:: contractor.. :D hehehe :D

Look behind you, what do you see?
:: my messy cupboard

How many rooms does your house have?
:: 3

Have you ever worked in a food place?
:: no

What would you name your future daughter?
:: lidia nurmarisa

Who and where was the last concert you went to?
:: goshh... i dont remember

Whats on your schedule for tomorrow?
:: reunion meeting :)

The last song you heard?
:: i don't know the title :P

What do you think of love?
:: beautiful

Do you still talk to any of your ex's?
:: yes

Does anyone know your friendster password?
:: i have no account on friendster

Have you dated anyone on your top 4?
:: not applicable

Has your number 2 on your friends ever made you cry?
:: no

Do you eat junk food everyday?
:: don't really eat junk food

Describe your bestfriend?
:: i can talk about anything

How late did you stay up last night and why?
::2 am... recite the quran and surfing after that

What's the connection between you and the last person you texted?
:: office colleague

Do you like someone?
:: yes

How's your life lately?
:: it's moving too fast! :)

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
:: yes

What do you think about the current gas prices?
:: errr... lower than before?

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?
:: yes

Are you happier single or in a relationship?
:: i am happy either ways

Have you ever flirted with a friends crush?
:: no

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
:: i dont remember

Do you believe in love at first sight?
:: yes..

Do you hate the last girl you were talking to?
:: no!

aaahhhh... i love this therapy :) :*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

long weekend

what did we do huh?? oh.. yea... we went for gong xi fa cai... help AD moved his stuff. i really dont feel so well today.. :( i had migraine since yesterday... could be because of the weather lah.. it has been so hot. and i dont know why, now when i eat, i dont feel satisfied. feel like eating more and more.. shit!! this is so not good :(

and yesterday, i just told AD while helping him with his cartons.. :) i wanna eat steamboat. joelis were out with their dad... and ohh.. with the stepmom and lil bro. :) back on the story... so just after packing and un-packing, we both went to johnny's for steamboat. i really enjoyed my food. then we saw this one body builder walking with his wife and kids... gosh, he was huge! i told AD that i dont want him to be that huge!!.. and AD said, he was like that... thank God, i met him now and not then. :P

after steamboat, we went furniture hunting... but somehow, there is none that we really fall in love with :( hence... the hunt was dissappointing...

went for groceries shopping... pick up joelis.. and went straight home... i went flat.. my head was spinning... eh no.. it was like squeezed.. perhaps i better go to the clinic.. later...

better finish my work now..

Friday, January 23, 2009

advance course

yeuppp.... i am going diving again... i really need a break from everything. maybe i should be concentrating about diving rather than something else that is uncertain. target somewhere in march. :) the boss is going too... so now i am in the midst of planning and getting my buddy to join me. i want to do my advance course..

issue: i heard this on the radio this morning on the way to work. it's about fitnah. and one of the points, those people who 'fitnah' other people is because they feel inferior about themselves. and i believe that is true too. and only themselves know why they are so free of 'memfitnah' other people. agak2 nya aku ni macam celebrity kut... no.. bukan aku perasan... cuma some people suka benor dok baca citer aku pastu buat andaian bangang.. kaghang kalau aku sebut orang kata aku racist... kalau aku racist, idak la aku nak kawin dgn omputih kan.. or.. hmm entah lah... suka ati kome lahh.. haa kan dah start cakap perak nih...

apa-apa pun aku baru teringat .... aku suka dengan katak yang aku jumpa itu hari... memang aku terkejut tapi aku sukaaaaa bangat!!! sampai aku nangis la jugak terjumpa katak tuh... aahhh suka nya.... happy sangat... and parents aku pun happy jumpa katak aku tuh... wakakakaka... terkejut aku bila katak tu panggil nama aku.... but i am happy lah.. lalu ekspressi muka aku pun macam katak yang kat sebelah niehh... heh heh :D

have a good weekend everyone... and i love you all who reads my blog... walaupun some of you suka nak fitnah aku dan buat andaian2 yang kurang pandai tu... and again, baca lah blog aku for relaxation, and aku pun suka baca blog2 orang lain... walaupun ada blog2 orang mangkuk hayun yang tak de kerja lain and tulis benda2 that will make dia rasa lega agaknya... such as nak menegak benang yang basah... ha gitu lah... and ada yang tulis benda2 bangang2... as long as aku tiada kaitan in those writing, i am fine... wuuhhuuu...

Monday, January 19, 2009

another week...

gosh how time flies. just had a whole day meeting. and during lunch time, the boss asked us if we want to go with him to the dive shop. hehehe :D of course!! although, dont think can do that activity that soon, but hey, the boss is getting some new toys... so we'll help him choose.. hehehe :D

been busy again this weekend. will be like that till a few weeks. with the moving, planning etc... how i wish certain things can be speed up, but, aahh... letih dah nak cakap.

hmmm what else... thought of writing about something that i read today, but i guess, better not, would be immature to comment certain writings. o'uh. i am actually commenting... doink...

what else.. ahhh just finished my gym. lots of legs exercise and abs... urgghhh being tortured.. :P nahhh... exaggerating..

i am watching this drama right now.. so sad lah the drama. 2 kids are going against their mom... and i think the make-up is so thick la for all the actresses.

oh man... this is the most boring posting i have ever posted. :P perhaps, i could update the other fun blog ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


guilty for being busy... :) not complaining but pouring my whatever... heheheh :D going to and fro office. no time to play around with fb anymore. office has blocked a lot of area on internet, hence, not having so much time 'wasted'... ahakss... easier said, 'susah mau curik tulang' hahaha :D anyway, last night i tried my new dress with joelis... and they give their honest opinion. hehehe :D they are so sweet in giving their comments. i really enjoy staying on our own now.. at first it was quite tough.. but now we are getting used to it. and if i had to work late, we'll get the maid to accompany joelis. joelis are so independant now that sometimes they started to bebel when the maid wants to help them on things... hehehe grumply lisa and whiny lil joey.. :P

i have like 3 blogs to maintain now... and creating another one for office use.. hmmmpphh.. how will i manage that now? anyway, here are pics of us... latest ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

me smiling.. - nasty - uuhhh spicy!

i have been doing lots of driving today to settle a few issues. i am so thankful that my mom accompanied me... pity her, she must be tired. and as usual, this is the time that i used to just chat about things.. lots of things that i might not be able to chat about when i was much younger. hehehe :D adults' stuff.

oh yes, as i was on the highway just now.... we (my mom and i) saw a superbike passing by my car.. and she said, 'wow... if AD is the one riding that bike, he will look so handsome with his tough body!' hahahaha.... i never imagine my mom would compliment AD like that... although i must admit, AD does has muscular body ;)

had a chat with WN the other day about some incident some time ago. someone called me up just to check on her bf. and started to ask me things about her bf and me.. i was like... duhhh... somehow that incident just came up in my head. WN's respond was... 'uuhhh... someone's so insecure' and i just laughed it away.

and this weekend will be a busy weekend again for me... will be contacting my cousin bro who is an interior designer to help me with things next month.. ohhh... i am so excited!! :)

till next time.... insecure is so not sexy.... *grin* but i guess for some people, excusable lah...

to all my readers, you are all welcome to be here... and i am glad you enjoy reading... and to those yang berasa hati... siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas laa... and to have sangkaan buruk about other people, tak baik...

ohh another thing... if you are here just to melaga2kan another blogger with me, hmmm up to you lah... it's fun... whoever you are.. hehehe :D funny when some people starts accusing another person of doing something that she doesnt do.. tapi sebab dia *tut* kan... biasa lah... ahaks...

have a great weekend people.. ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

here and there

looks like i have been neglecting this blog for a while.. :) sorry people.. too busy updating the other blog ;) things have been very busy. office and home.. perhaps it is true what my friend NF said. i must be very busy at work, home, kids and my prep for the big day. i am still trying to adjust myself with the new place. joelis must be tired. but them being such lovely kids, no complaints from them, unless if i am home late after 9pm from my parents' place. :D and today i realized that i better do something about myself. ever since the moving.. i have been having dinner at my parents' and i eat a lot.. perhaps i should buy the protein shake again. i have been getting hungry too often now. :P

i wish the war would stop. i hate reading the newspapers with all those blood and killing. will boycotting the products actually help? i dont know.. i do use some of them.. or most of them. *sigh* well anyway, i wish not to be like some people who complaints so much about the government but still here in malaysia... why dont that person just migrate somewhere? ohh.. i know, perhaps other country would not take that type of person.. hmmmm *grin*

joelis are asleep now. i am so tired.. my laptop has been infected by virus. will do something about it tomorrow. busy like crazy at the office which i like actually. :) just that too greedy to finish some work by leaving other part.

why am i babbling?? *yawn* i better sleep...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more fun time!!

we had a surprise birthday celebration for joey last saturday. the thought just came on friday. and i just felt like having a bbq at my parents' place. so, asked my mom if it was okay to have joey's celebration. not a huge one but the signature is the balloons. got my friend to bake the cake for joey. i got a few red balloons to match with the kungfu panda cake. smsed my close friend who studied together in UB and also Joey's bff - Naquib. :) Didn't want a huge crowd as there was not supposed to be a party ... hehehe :D anyway, it was fun. My cousin turned up suddenly with his family which was cool. :) We had more people unplanned. And my mak long was there too. It was great actually. Joey was quite surprised. He was sad initially coz he thought no one celebrates his birthday hhahaa :D anyway, i was glad that he was happy... especially when he got his hulk transformers for his birthday present from us :)

1220pm today:

joey: ma... joey pelik la
me: pelik? knp?
joey: daddy didnt call me or sms me on my birthday..
me: ohh.. really?
joey: yeah... (with his selamba face)
me: hmmm... so.. do you feel sad?
joey: no.. not sad..
me: sad or weird?
joey: weird (and continue eating his lunch)

and at 800pm.... he told his grandmother about this too... how could his dad forget? oh well...

the most important thing, joey had fun last saturday although he had those playing in his mind...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

huh.... its 2009 already?? wow... how time flies!! was i really looking forward for the new year? honestly, i was not really thinking about it. different from last year where we had a party at the guesthouse. this year, we had a family dinner organized by my sister, N3. an appreciation dinner she called it for the family who has worked hard for her engagement last 25th dec, 2008. :) so, okay lah we had free dinner. food was great!! love it. and later kaiser, joelis and i waited for the fireworks at our apartment... i've caught a few shots of video in my handphone but i am too lazy too upload them :)

and guess what, i started a new blog - concentrating on issues towards the big day... hahaha LOL... well, i was just practising on using wordpress actually. and that blog needs registration to those who wants to read it. so, people, if you want to know/read the blog (have to warn you - havent got that much written on it yet) please send me an email and i will invite you as a reader. :) that is more of our diary.

kaiser moved some of his things into our apartment already. we tried to rearrange some of the things in the apartment like the tv, home theatre system, console table that has become kaiser's office table... hmmmmpphh, but somehow they dont seemed that right. hmmmphh... maybe after we have a sofa, it will be easier. ya... ya... we dont have a sofa yet... coming.. coming... we are having tough time to decide on types of sofa to get, the color etc... and of course, the price too! :P oh yes, last weekend i had the contractors to come and help drill some holes on the wall for me to hang the frames. :) now the apartment looked a lil bit cosy-er than before.. and thanks to the maid who also helped a lot.. gosh i am so spoilt! :P

what else... ohh... its maghrib, i better shower and solat.... to be continued... ;)