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by - December 09, 2008

if only she's not my tied to my blood, i would have other choice. she is so biadap, that's the best word to describe her. she can be an angel (very rare) compared to her being nasty and heartless freak. i dont know what is her actual problem ever since i moved back with my parents with joelis. i did not request to move back. she may not know that, coz all she knew, maybe, from my observation when joelis came back to my parents place, she felt she doesnt get the attention? oh puhlezzz.... she's a grown up already. from how i see her reaction, she's jealous of joey. she called me crazy woman last night. and she said that i dont know how to take care of my joelis. i pray to God,... demi Allah... may Allah show to her one day, when (if) she ever have her own kids, she WILL have a taste of her own medicine. the meanest creature i have ever known and somehow unfortunately she is related. she has been nasty to my dad, my mom... until my mom herself said that she doesnt care about her anymore. and my dad just cant wait for her to get out of their house. i have had it with her... and like i said, i have no choice... she's staying in the house so called like a princess, with no contribution what so ever. and she feels that she is always right. she has a car that she drives to work but my dad who is a pensioner and has got to pay for her car's maintenance and even road-tax. if she still thinks that how she has been treating people at home is better than the rest, then something must be wrong somewhere. if she has grudge against me, deal it with me and dont press on my kids!

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