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my hari raya haji

by - December 08, 2008

i better make it a quick post before my mom start to ask any of us to prepare dinner for tonight.. hehehe :D yeup.. we are maid-less again. duhh....

my sister woke me up just after 7am today... and i just remembered that we did not have a maid. the maid went back yesterday. ahhh not talking abt the maid now.. waste of time. well anyway, after washing up, i went downstairs and see what i can help my mom with. so, fill up the what do you call that... big bowl.. heh heh... with nasi impit @ square rice by joey. then wake joey up coz he is going to the mosque with my dad for raya prayer. ironed his baju melayu... then wake lisa up... iron her baju kurung... bla.. bla.. bla... by 9 something, the guys are back from the mosque. my eldest sister has arrived with her family. we had our raya breakfast together.. later my parents went to the neighbour's house.

visit to bukit antarabangsa: i packed some food and went up to bukit antarabangsa to visit gisela and also to get my documents from her. all the way driving to bukit antarabangsa i was reciting some verses from the quran that i know. well, honestly, i was scared. well who knows... errkk.. as i was driving up the main entrance to bukit antarabangsa, on my right i saw some blue plastic which they used to cover some landslide activity. the road was quiet.. as usual. drove further up, take the right turning after jln wangsa 1.... soon after i saw the yellow plastic tapes by the police surrounding the abandoned apartment building on my left. i felt like just driving through some haunted area.. before that i can see the mist covering the hills of bukit antarabangsa. it looks pretty cool... but being reminding of the incident... hmmpphh...

at the corner of jalan wangsa 5 where gisela is staying is actually the last route that i can drive. there were a group of policemen guarding the area. the road further up was already closed. i saw broken trees on the ground and some are already crooked. drove up a lil bit... parked in front of gisela's house... had a nice warm chit chat with her... telling her how glad i am to see her okay... gave her the nasi impit and some rendang. she was so happy hehehe :D

after about 20 minutes at gisela's place. i had to drive up towards some condo area to turn my car back down the road. then, i saw a family of 5, carrying their bags with an umbrella each. it was still drizzling. so, i just stopped by the road and ask if they wanted a lift. they were shy at first. until i convinced them that it's okay as i was driving down anyway. hey... it will be a very long walk to the main road if you dont have your own vehicle in bukit antarabangsa okay.. no joke! to cut story short, i sent the family to the lrt station as they wanted to take the lrt. and i feel so good doing that. i have never stopped my car for a stranger before. but i guess, my move this time is excusable ;)

.. to be continued... coz as i have guessed, my mom just asked me to heat up some food for dinner :P

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