Thursday, December 11, 2008

like a celebrity?

i am so not in the mood for the past few days. but what surprises me, with that kinda mood, i get lots of things done... :) although by the time night came, i will be exhausted. last night joelis were so chirpy... and they were so chit chatty before we went to sleep. somehow, by 426am... suddenly both joelis were in my bed! hmmmpphh... how did that happened eh?? hehehe :D

well anyway, coming back to the topic above, i was replying to a friend's email yesterday and i realized below.. ;)

"hehehe.. did you know that i am as popular as the celebrities when it comes to my personal stories? ;)

and i didnt know that many people out there actually have interest when it comes to my personal life. hehehe :D to think it positive, i would say that they care about me.

and honestly, i dont mind people asking, and from the way you asked, it was genuine... not like the sibuk2 question that some people like to ask.. you know what i mean.... " cont in the real email :P