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it's over?

by - December 21, 2008

time flies really fast nowadays.. hehehe.. :D especially when you have target. right now i am blogging from our new apartment. i got someone's line tonight.. hehehe :D so better hurry before the owner of the line disconnect it.

joelis and i just finished watching hulk 2, on my laptop, in my room. so after the movie, while joey was praying isya' i tried to search for any line that i can 'borrow'.. ahaks.. :D today, we carried the dining table from kaiser's place. and more boxes from my mom's. hang on.... 1130pm

1145pm... i am back.. just kissed joelis good night. :) joelis are trying to get used to sleep in their own rooms now. :) hehehe... and i get the bed to myself... wuuhuuu.. that is, if in the middle of the night none of them came crawling into my bed! oh well... they still have about 1 month to do that.. heheheh :D

anyway, today... as previous sunday... we woke up... lazying around for awhile. its a routine that joelis will come into my room and lazying around with me. then, we went out and have breakfast at one of the restaurant. after breakfast, went to my mom's place to send the iron. get the small boxes to bring to the apartment. and later sent joelis for their music class. i had more time to do other things coz they had extra classes today. so, the extra time i used to pick up more boxes at kaiser's and also the dining table. gave some boxes for kaiser to start packing his stuff too. hmmm... i am known as ms boxes now by kaiser... heh.. heh.. :D our apartment is full of boxes. i have emptied some few days back... hmmmm seemed to be never ending... *sigh*

and now... aahhh.. weekend is almost over?? so fast...

ein got disconnected at 1151pm…. Muahahahaa :P

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