Sunday, December 7, 2008

from moving - landslide - irresponsible

me as usual cant think of any other title for this post. :P this is the 2nd weekend that we have been busy moving. last week, i rented a lorry... but this week, i used my mini mpv. if only i know someone who has a pick-up, i could have carried my fridge too this week. ;)

yesterday, the news of the landslide was really scary... i was worried about someone whom i just knew. she is staying in bukit antarabangsa with her 2 dogs. she has been helping me with translation of my documents. somehow after talking to her a few times, i feel comfortable. as soon as i heard of the landslide, i called her handphone. no answer... errkkss... and i called her house phone... line was busy... kept on trying a few times, still cant get to speak to her. all i can do at that time was just pray for her safety. finally just before dinner, i tried again... and *phew*... i heard her voice and i was so relieved!! it's just felt like calling my grandmother... reading the news... about the victims... gosh... i just could not think of a word... just hope that those who are hit by this bersabar with all the dugaan.

irresponsible? hmmmm... what is the relation the post above? none.. :P but as i was driving back just now, i suddenly realized that someone would call me an irresponsible mom again tonight, just because i am not with my joelis and the rest of the family member. i was labeled of being irresponsible just because most of the time she came to the house, i was not home. reason being, i would be working late. and at times on saturday, she would dropby too, and i wont be home either, coz i will be having a meeting. sometimes, i would bring my joelis to my meeting, at times, i will leave joelis at home. and tonight, everyone made plans to have dinner somewhere, i would say expensive (looking at my situation right now - i would try to avoid having food at expensive places). so, since i already had something at around 6pm, i decided not to join them, although joelis were with them, i am sure they are well taken care of. i got home around 745pm and to see that the house was empty. everyone left. so, i stayed home, after AD left.. and as i was enjoying my time alone, i received a call from AD. his house keys were with me.. and so... i had to drive to kl, to send his house keys. and as i was driving home... i remembered... that everyone was at the dinner place... including my joelis.. except me... hmmmm.. that will be a very strong point for her to say that i am irresponsible again... hmmpph whatever lah... she can say whatever she wants to say lah...

i am sleepy now... night night... oh yes... the christmas tree at menara hap seng is beautiful! and we plan to bring joelis to the curve one of these days.. the decoration there during christmas is beautiful :)