Thursday, December 4, 2008

errr.. what ah?

just one of the days when you want to talk/type about lots of things but the mind is really tired. yep.. thats me today.

i was watching the live band last night, alone... kinda cool coz i have not done that before. saw a few pengkids... sorry to say but i kinda get the eariee feeling to see them around. better not say too much coz i do have pengkids friends.. hehehe :D but i guess at certain age, some people should realized that they are not cute anymore? :O anyway, i enjoyed the live band for about 1.5 hours there. left around 1130pm and got home just before midnight. and i saw kak ros the masseur was at home... and yes... i got a nice relaxing massage at home till just before 2am... :) how nice uh...

and now joey is disturbing me writing in my blog.. because.. i am using his asus... heh heh :D oh ok... now he just kissed me.. hahah :D and he is doing that irritating sounds... just to bug me.. kekeke :D oh gosh... now lisa is singing in the room... helpppp....

question: i have got this not nice feeling... its like you dont really like someone but you are sort of forced to pretend whenever that person is around. and i dont know if i can do that any longer. what should i do ah? i just dislike not that i hate... i just couldnt stand the bitchiness.. there you go... *sigh* and i was reading the 'bride' magazine last night which mentioned 'i dont have to feel obligated to invite people whom i dont want to'... hmmmm...

i better sign off now... joey is talking in my ear... and my sister is already in the room... so, no more mood to write :P

good night people... sweet dreams :*