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bulletin for now

by - December 01, 2008

sorry people.. :) cant find any suitable title for todays post. be ready coz today, everything will be jumbled up coz i will just type whatever comes out from my head okay. :)

i love my new 'holiday' thingy... i work 4 days in a week till end of the year. i get to spend more time with joelis, although some of the time, i would drag them with me doing other things :) at least they are with me :) and i am lovin it... and now lisa has been asking me everyday if i am going to work the next day... hehehe... oh yes... i am learning to play psp... :P hahaha :D

AD and i are getting very very very busy... for our preparations for the big day. dont ask me when, coz the date is still open :) nevertheless... we are getting pretty excited.. and... today, i received my material for the dress!! beautiful!! all the way from bandung.... ahhh life is so beautiful... alhamdulillah...

we have moved to a new apartment... well not really we... our things. :) we need to clear my mom's place as my sister is getting engaged next month...ehh... we are in december already!! its this month!! the house is too full with stuff! ahakss.. so last weekend was busy... AD and Renn helped to carry the tv out of my parents' place.. it was darn heavy!! and as i am typing this, the contractor is doing the kitchen cabinet. aahhh... life is great... alhamdulillah... :)

what else... oh yes.. i deleted someone's name from my friends' list on fb.. someone whom i have known for quite some time online. but i think this time he has gone over the limit. i dont need to have people who do not respect other people's feelings and being kurang ajar... i was accused of ignoring my faith in islam...just because i am with a mat salleh. and i just could not tolerate that. he doesnt even really know me to judge me. just when i already told him that he will be in my guests list.. but know.. ta ta.. :) too bad...

ok lah... till the next time... stay tuned... got to get ready for my gym session soon... i have been too busy that i ignored my gym... my instructor is going to be furious!! :P

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