Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back to work

back to reality it seems. back to work after a long leave.. oh yes, got a few picts that my sister posted in her fb. pic quality not so good but okay la... here are some picts of my sister's engagement day.

after many years without any big events at home... that day it was really exhausting. but... puas hati... just that, we should not have cooked ourselves. should have just catered.

hmmm what is it that i wanted to say eh? i forgot now.. whatever it is... i am quite productive today. so, okay lah... i have been using the word ok many times now huh... :P got to go lah.. dont feel like doing my work now.. i just wanna go home.. or maybe i go and blow my hair first? :P

Monday, December 29, 2008

wow and wow...

what a wonderful weekend... i took a long leave and still enjoying my time.. on the last day today. now, i dont feel like going to work :P hee hee... :D thats normal isnt? i took leave since 24th dec... was busy in and out of the house.. trying to help around at home... driving my sister around too to get some stuff for her engagement. everything went smooth as planned although the guy side were late... hmmpphh...

love my sister's make-up on her engagement day. the make-up looked natural. she sure did looked very happy... and i am so happy for her too... :) sorry people.. no picture for now... my camera's battery was flat.. and i did not find my charger on time. so, now we have to wait for the photographer's camera ok.. ;) hee hee...

on friday, we went to pusat bandar to give out free singles... and joelis seemed to enjoy themselves :D and after that we drove off to ikea to look at some stuff.. darn!! the cupboard was much cheaper there compared to the ones that we bought :( huwaaa... we had dinner there... food was lousy.. :p

saturday we were home in the morning.. joelis went for swimming.. and later we went to my parents' place.. and arrgghhh had to go to the curve to give out more singles... had to drag my fat ass.. hahaha... but in the end, we enjoyed being there.. :)

sunday, joey had a great time with his bestfriend's family at sunway lagoon while i stayed home with lisa and the maid to clean up our apartment.. oh well... okay... okay... the maid cleaned most of it... :P hahaha.. me lazy bumm... ahaks... oh yes, went to the new jusco with kaiser and lisa. i bought few new tshirts.. and a pair of jeans for joey... miss joey... he came home around 9pm last night... and oh... cooked the first meal at the apartment... lisa's maggi mee...wakakka...

ohhh man... tomorrow is working day...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's over?

time flies really fast nowadays.. hehehe.. :D especially when you have target. right now i am blogging from our new apartment. i got someone's line tonight.. hehehe :D so better hurry before the owner of the line disconnect it.

joelis and i just finished watching hulk 2, on my laptop, in my room. so after the movie, while joey was praying isya' i tried to search for any line that i can 'borrow'.. ahaks.. :D today, we carried the dining table from kaiser's place. and more boxes from my mom's. hang on.... 1130pm

1145pm... i am back.. just kissed joelis good night. :) joelis are trying to get used to sleep in their own rooms now. :) hehehe... and i get the bed to myself... wuuhuuu.. that is, if in the middle of the night none of them came crawling into my bed! oh well... they still have about 1 month to do that.. heheheh :D

anyway, today... as previous sunday... we woke up... lazying around for awhile. its a routine that joelis will come into my room and lazying around with me. then, we went out and have breakfast at one of the restaurant. after breakfast, went to my mom's place to send the iron. get the small boxes to bring to the apartment. and later sent joelis for their music class. i had more time to do other things coz they had extra classes today. so, the extra time i used to pick up more boxes at kaiser's and also the dining table. gave some boxes for kaiser to start packing his stuff too. hmmm... i am known as ms boxes now by kaiser... heh.. heh.. :D our apartment is full of boxes. i have emptied some few days back... hmmmm seemed to be never ending... *sigh*

and now... aahhh.. weekend is almost over?? so fast...

ein got disconnected at 1151pm…. Muahahahaa :P

Saturday, December 20, 2008

lost of words

its really late. but i really need to blog. you will know why when you read on... :( i am on leave today.. or yesterday.. since now is early in the morning, this story is about yesterday..friday. as some of you know, we, joelis and i are in a process of moving to a new place. but most of our clothes are still at my parents' place. so friday is the day that i told my mom that i'd clear most of my clothes.

i cleared half of my cupboard.. 4 shelves of clothes which includes all my tshirts, collared and round neck, tops, sleeveless, my zara sweatshirts, polo tshirts, and at least 4 pieces of jeans. these are the ones that i remembered. some includes joey's nike pants that i bought from bandung. the one that he has been looking for and i just found it this morning (yesterday morning) and it was also put in the box for me to bring to the apartment.

the same day, my mom arranged for someone to come to the house to get some boxes... sealed boxes.. which have been arranged downstairs to be brought to the orphanage house. and to make the story clearer, my box of clothes is in the room upstairs - not sealed as i still wanted to add more clothes.

guess what?? somehow, someone took my box which is in the room and put it in the lorry... to be sent to the orphanage house. when i realized that my box was gone, the lorry was already there... !!! and i can say that the clothes for my everyday wear and office wear are 90% in that box.

my dad, me and my sister N3 rushed to the place to try to get my box back... as i was driving, my head is spinning. i can no longer feel how i feel. can i still hope that my clothes can be saved?? hmmm *sigh* we got to the place... found my box... but less than 10 pieces are found. i felt so helpless... and the most expensive thing that was gone was my corsett that cost rm2,000!! and the saddest part was, they actually threw them in the river!!!

now to think of it... i dont know how to express my feelings. i am upset, sad.. and i dont know whatever else... all mixed feelings. i should redha but.. i know i cant fully. :( i dont mind giving some of my clothes to those who needs, but not this way!!! certainly not until i dont have clothes to wear!! i am having migraine now... i am feeling beyond sad that i cant cry. *sigh* again... and again... its late now but i cant sleep... :( :(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

me getting a headache

juggling with work... moving house (yes, we, joelis and i have moved to our own place).. and the coming big event... errmmm... big ke? well, big enough for me to decide on the big step! anyway, i read this a moment ago.. and kinda agree to it..

It’s The Marriage, Not The Wedding

Wedding planning is often one of the most stressful times for both the bride and groom. Suddenly, things that seemed so rosy and beautiful during the courtship days can be the total opposite when both parties find themselves disagreeing on the wedding plans. Quarrels and arguments are very common during this time as bridezillas (and in some cases, groomzillas!) start raising their ugly heads.

When you find a big row starting to brew, take a deep breath. Remind yourself that whilst the wedding is an important event, what is more important is the marriage ahead and the new journey you both will embark on. That will certainly put your disagreements and priorities into perspective! :)

err... so, what do i do now?? :O LOL... help...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

like a celebrity?

i am so not in the mood for the past few days. but what surprises me, with that kinda mood, i get lots of things done... :) although by the time night came, i will be exhausted. last night joelis were so chirpy... and they were so chit chatty before we went to sleep. somehow, by 426am... suddenly both joelis were in my bed! hmmmpphh... how did that happened eh?? hehehe :D

well anyway, coming back to the topic above, i was replying to a friend's email yesterday and i realized below.. ;)

"hehehe.. did you know that i am as popular as the celebrities when it comes to my personal stories? ;)

and i didnt know that many people out there actually have interest when it comes to my personal life. hehehe :D to think it positive, i would say that they care about me.

and honestly, i dont mind people asking, and from the way you asked, it was genuine... not like the sibuk2 question that some people like to ask.. you know what i mean.... " cont in the real email :P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


if only she's not my tied to my blood, i would have other choice. she is so biadap, that's the best word to describe her. she can be an angel (very rare) compared to her being nasty and heartless freak. i dont know what is her actual problem ever since i moved back with my parents with joelis. i did not request to move back. she may not know that, coz all she knew, maybe, from my observation when joelis came back to my parents place, she felt she doesnt get the attention? oh puhlezzz.... she's a grown up already. from how i see her reaction, she's jealous of joey. she called me crazy woman last night. and she said that i dont know how to take care of my joelis. i pray to God,... demi Allah... may Allah show to her one day, when (if) she ever have her own kids, she WILL have a taste of her own medicine. the meanest creature i have ever known and somehow unfortunately she is related. she has been nasty to my dad, my mom... until my mom herself said that she doesnt care about her anymore. and my dad just cant wait for her to get out of their house. i have had it with her... and like i said, i have no choice... she's staying in the house so called like a princess, with no contribution what so ever. and she feels that she is always right. she has a car that she drives to work but my dad who is a pensioner and has got to pay for her car's maintenance and even road-tax. if she still thinks that how she has been treating people at home is better than the rest, then something must be wrong somewhere. if she has grudge against me, deal it with me and dont press on my kids!

Monday, December 8, 2008

my hari raya haji

i better make it a quick post before my mom start to ask any of us to prepare dinner for tonight.. hehehe :D yeup.. we are maid-less again. duhh....

my sister woke me up just after 7am today... and i just remembered that we did not have a maid. the maid went back yesterday. ahhh not talking abt the maid now.. waste of time. well anyway, after washing up, i went downstairs and see what i can help my mom with. so, fill up the what do you call that... big bowl.. heh heh... with nasi impit @ square rice by joey. then wake joey up coz he is going to the mosque with my dad for raya prayer. ironed his baju melayu... then wake lisa up... iron her baju kurung... bla.. bla.. bla... by 9 something, the guys are back from the mosque. my eldest sister has arrived with her family. we had our raya breakfast together.. later my parents went to the neighbour's house.

visit to bukit antarabangsa: i packed some food and went up to bukit antarabangsa to visit gisela and also to get my documents from her. all the way driving to bukit antarabangsa i was reciting some verses from the quran that i know. well, honestly, i was scared. well who knows... errkk.. as i was driving up the main entrance to bukit antarabangsa, on my right i saw some blue plastic which they used to cover some landslide activity. the road was quiet.. as usual. drove further up, take the right turning after jln wangsa 1.... soon after i saw the yellow plastic tapes by the police surrounding the abandoned apartment building on my left. i felt like just driving through some haunted area.. before that i can see the mist covering the hills of bukit antarabangsa. it looks pretty cool... but being reminding of the incident... hmmpphh...

at the corner of jalan wangsa 5 where gisela is staying is actually the last route that i can drive. there were a group of policemen guarding the area. the road further up was already closed. i saw broken trees on the ground and some are already crooked. drove up a lil bit... parked in front of gisela's house... had a nice warm chit chat with her... telling her how glad i am to see her okay... gave her the nasi impit and some rendang. she was so happy hehehe :D

after about 20 minutes at gisela's place. i had to drive up towards some condo area to turn my car back down the road. then, i saw a family of 5, carrying their bags with an umbrella each. it was still drizzling. so, i just stopped by the road and ask if they wanted a lift. they were shy at first. until i convinced them that it's okay as i was driving down anyway. hey... it will be a very long walk to the main road if you dont have your own vehicle in bukit antarabangsa okay.. no joke! to cut story short, i sent the family to the lrt station as they wanted to take the lrt. and i feel so good doing that. i have never stopped my car for a stranger before. but i guess, my move this time is excusable ;)

.. to be continued... coz as i have guessed, my mom just asked me to heat up some food for dinner :P

Sunday, December 7, 2008

from moving - landslide - irresponsible

me as usual cant think of any other title for this post. :P this is the 2nd weekend that we have been busy moving. last week, i rented a lorry... but this week, i used my mini mpv. if only i know someone who has a pick-up, i could have carried my fridge too this week. ;)

yesterday, the news of the landslide was really scary... i was worried about someone whom i just knew. she is staying in bukit antarabangsa with her 2 dogs. she has been helping me with translation of my documents. somehow after talking to her a few times, i feel comfortable. as soon as i heard of the landslide, i called her handphone. no answer... errkkss... and i called her house phone... line was busy... kept on trying a few times, still cant get to speak to her. all i can do at that time was just pray for her safety. finally just before dinner, i tried again... and *phew*... i heard her voice and i was so relieved!! it's just felt like calling my grandmother... reading the news... about the victims... gosh... i just could not think of a word... just hope that those who are hit by this bersabar with all the dugaan.

irresponsible? hmmmm... what is the relation the post above? none.. :P but as i was driving back just now, i suddenly realized that someone would call me an irresponsible mom again tonight, just because i am not with my joelis and the rest of the family member. i was labeled of being irresponsible just because most of the time she came to the house, i was not home. reason being, i would be working late. and at times on saturday, she would dropby too, and i wont be home either, coz i will be having a meeting. sometimes, i would bring my joelis to my meeting, at times, i will leave joelis at home. and tonight, everyone made plans to have dinner somewhere, i would say expensive (looking at my situation right now - i would try to avoid having food at expensive places). so, since i already had something at around 6pm, i decided not to join them, although joelis were with them, i am sure they are well taken care of. i got home around 745pm and to see that the house was empty. everyone left. so, i stayed home, after AD left.. and as i was enjoying my time alone, i received a call from AD. his house keys were with me.. and so... i had to drive to kl, to send his house keys. and as i was driving home... i remembered... that everyone was at the dinner place... including my joelis.. except me... hmmmm.. that will be a very strong point for her to say that i am irresponsible again... hmmpph whatever lah... she can say whatever she wants to say lah...

i am sleepy now... night night... oh yes... the christmas tree at menara hap seng is beautiful! and we plan to bring joelis to the curve one of these days.. the decoration there during christmas is beautiful :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

errr.. what ah?

just one of the days when you want to talk/type about lots of things but the mind is really tired. yep.. thats me today.

i was watching the live band last night, alone... kinda cool coz i have not done that before. saw a few pengkids... sorry to say but i kinda get the eariee feeling to see them around. better not say too much coz i do have pengkids friends.. hehehe :D but i guess at certain age, some people should realized that they are not cute anymore? :O anyway, i enjoyed the live band for about 1.5 hours there. left around 1130pm and got home just before midnight. and i saw kak ros the masseur was at home... and yes... i got a nice relaxing massage at home till just before 2am... :) how nice uh...

and now joey is disturbing me writing in my blog.. because.. i am using his asus... heh heh :D oh ok... now he just kissed me.. hahah :D and he is doing that irritating sounds... just to bug me.. kekeke :D oh gosh... now lisa is singing in the room... helpppp....

question: i have got this not nice feeling... its like you dont really like someone but you are sort of forced to pretend whenever that person is around. and i dont know if i can do that any longer. what should i do ah? i just dislike not that i hate... i just couldnt stand the bitchiness.. there you go... *sigh* and i was reading the 'bride' magazine last night which mentioned 'i dont have to feel obligated to invite people whom i dont want to'... hmmmm...

i better sign off now... joey is talking in my ear... and my sister is already in the room... so, no more mood to write :P

good night people... sweet dreams :*

Monday, December 1, 2008

bulletin for now

sorry people.. :) cant find any suitable title for todays post. be ready coz today, everything will be jumbled up coz i will just type whatever comes out from my head okay. :)

i love my new 'holiday' thingy... i work 4 days in a week till end of the year. i get to spend more time with joelis, although some of the time, i would drag them with me doing other things :) at least they are with me :) and i am lovin it... and now lisa has been asking me everyday if i am going to work the next day... hehehe... oh yes... i am learning to play psp... :P hahaha :D

AD and i are getting very very very busy... for our preparations for the big day. dont ask me when, coz the date is still open :) nevertheless... we are getting pretty excited.. and... today, i received my material for the dress!! beautiful!! all the way from bandung.... ahhh life is so beautiful... alhamdulillah...

we have moved to a new apartment... well not really we... our things. :) we need to clear my mom's place as my sister is getting engaged next month...ehh... we are in december already!! its this month!! the house is too full with stuff! ahakss.. so last weekend was busy... AD and Renn helped to carry the tv out of my parents' place.. it was darn heavy!! and as i am typing this, the contractor is doing the kitchen cabinet. aahhh... life is great... alhamdulillah... :)

what else... oh yes.. i deleted someone's name from my friends' list on fb.. someone whom i have known for quite some time online. but i think this time he has gone over the limit. i dont need to have people who do not respect other people's feelings and being kurang ajar... i was accused of ignoring my faith in islam...just because i am with a mat salleh. and i just could not tolerate that. he doesnt even really know me to judge me. just when i already told him that he will be in my guests list.. but know.. ta ta.. :) too bad...

ok lah... till the next time... stay tuned... got to get ready for my gym session soon... i have been too busy that i ignored my gym... my instructor is going to be furious!! :P