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when supermom collapsed

by - November 08, 2008

4th nov, i was finishing up some work for the auditors to come on wednesday, i felt something was not right. i dont feel so good at the office. my eyes looked at the time on my laptop. 4.30pm... shucks.. the doctor has left. :( i quickly finish up whatever that needed to be done, and i went home at 530pm sharp. felt my body could not take it anymore. my head spinned, my throat started to hurt. felt me a bit warmer that usual. got home just after 6pm. wanted to stop at the clinic but i was too tired. drove straight home. i was so glad to see joelis home. i felt weaker. called joelis, got massaged from 2 pairs of little hands... :) and at that point of time, i was really really thankful that no matter what, i know my lil joelis will never let me down. they will always be around for me and love me as much as i love them :*

1.10am... i could not breathe. my throat really hurts.. went downstairs, looked for any medicine or painkillers available... none.. :( i was desperate... drank a small portion of xango. that's the hope that i had left at that point of time. i was so sad... smsed AD, no answer... ahh what do i expect? it's 1am in the morning! tried to sleep.. and i dozed off although not getting a real sleep as at times i had to run to the bathroom to vomit.. shucks... :(

5th nov, got up at 6am.. showered, wanted to feel fresh.. but still felt terrible! couldnt get up to send joelis to school... felt bad.. but i just cant. after giving them some hugs and kisses... my dad sent them to school. i tried to sleep, but it hurts too much.. my heart started to pump too hard now. smsed AD and asked if he is free to send me to the clinic. he was at the gym. he came later and sent me to the clinic. i was referred to the hospital. my temperature was 39 and my throat was really swollen and had ulcers everywhere. and from there on... i had a terrible terrible time coping with the pain.... and in my head... gosh... i have a wedding to attend on friday!!! joelis were so sweet, they came after school and brought one rose each :D :* thanks sweeties...

6th nov, the worst day after being admitted in gleneagles hospital. i vomitted more than 10 times!! nope.. not exaggerating.. but that was hell for me.. i cant eat coz i felt bitter all over my mouth.. the throat still hurts although not as bad... i became very very weak... lack of food... no energy... and felt down. i thought i had no hope to go to the wedding :( i had to sms my mom to accompany me at the hospital that night. thank you mommy... :* AD thought, looking at my condition, i would not have the strength to go... but that night... although i was scared, i dared to take xango... before i sleep.. and of course make sure all medications are taken on time. to tell you the truth, you dont really get rested in the hospital. the nurses come in every now and then to check your temp la... your blood pressure la... etc... how can we rest?

7th nov, i felt much better... i was able to eat. had half bowl of quaker oatmeal for breakfast!. i was so happy!! :D i was feeling great.. oh yes, did i tell you that my doctor looks like denzel washington? hehehe :D he looked the same just like 6 years ago.... yeah... 6 years ago i had the same problem and he was my e&t specialist. and to cut story short... i got discharged.. although, my doctor did ask if i want to stay in... to me... 'na'ah doc... i wanna go home.. and i wanna go to the wedding' and he smiled at me and said, 'ok, i allow you to go but take it easy ok..', so okay lah...

and.. that was it ... the day when supermom collapsed - and now she's up again and around although she's taking it easy ;)

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