Tuesday, November 25, 2008

month of love :) @>----

many people would say, it is in february... but i'd like to be different :) perhaps for this year, i would say it's in november.. for the year 2008, is the month of love for me :P many things happening in november... lots of birthdays... proposal... wakakaka... ceremonies... ahah!.. and small meaningful gatherings with the loved ones. lets just list down what the meaningful event that has been happening around me :)

9th nov: another trip to skytrex adventure in shah alam. this time, lisa joined joey at the lil adventure.. and she had better time there.. at least she get to play more than 2 rounds for the whole adventure. and.. i guessed the rain followed us everywhere. it rained again, very heavily that we had to stop early. joey gained more confident this time. lisa was a bit nervous, but still have a smile on her face :)
12th nov: my dad's birthday. we had a small gathering among the family members at a restaurant in kl. all grandchildren has birthday presents for their dear 'atuk'. i ordered a special cake for my dad... with his face on it! hehhehe... and in the end, we left the head portion un-cut... coz we just couldn't cut his head off, can we? :O

to be continued...