Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lesson Learnt

dealing with strangers can be a pain in the ass. finally i have the urge to actually write about this in my blog. portraying to be someone religious does not make a person honest as he should be. and my mistake was being too trusting towards the stranger. this was what happened last week. yeup while i was sick, i was running around too, managing the guesthouse.

had a potential tenant from indonesia. a family of four. they seemed nice. supposed to start staying at the guesthouse in dec. he told me that he wanted to move in his stuff in nov as his wife and kids are going back to indonesia. and me, being silly gave him the keys to the guesthouse for him to put his stuff. and trusting him, that only his stuff. earlier discussion, we have agreed that i will pay the the utilities till nov and his responsibility starts in dec. and it has been mutually agreed.

2 nights ago i had a potential buyer to see the guesthouse. and only on that night i found out that my potential tenant has stayed in the guesthouse, earlier than the agreement date without informing me!! him and his family were caught red handed.

and early the next day, he sent me an email saying that he wished to cancel the deal. hmmmm... somehow, i am relieved that the deal is off ... coz God must be telling me that something is not right with that guy...

alhamdulillah next week, i have guests coming from bandung and in jan, there will be guests from sweden :) rezqi is everywhere :) insyaAllah...

moral of the story: do not give your keys before the start date! duhhh.... and dont trust people easily...