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full swing again!

by - November 13, 2008

i just recovered... getting better. much better yes... i got the whole week off this week from work. office work that is. oh yezzaa.... i just love it... for once, i got a really long leave... although not the leave that is supposed to.. but at least i got my mind off from desk work. am really resting? well... i guess stress can be due to the mind stress and not so much of the body? i dont wanna just sit and feel sick, right?

i have been in and out and on the road.. settling the guesthouse.. oh yes, i paid a visit to my boss's house to see his sweet little dzara... had a great time talking to his wife... after running here and there... i could feel that my body is giving the signal again... i panicked... and i slowed down... hey... 3 days are enough in the hospital okay.. :P

ahhh... i want to write more... but i am so tired... :( my stomach dont feel so good...

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