Wednesday, November 26, 2008


people say, if the things that we do are the right things to do, Allah swt will guide us through... and yes... alhamdulillah, we had a smooth registration for AD at Islamic Department Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) today. the officers are nice, friendly and helpful. alhamdulillah... :) and next steps are going to be smooth too insyaAllah.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sharing my beautiful moments

23rd November, 2008. a day after his birthday is the day that we are officially engaged. a simple and closed small ceremony within our family member... just wished that youngest sister was around... oh well... it was all done last minute anyway... :P hehehe.. :D

now you know why i said that november is a month of love for me? ;) view more pictures here.. the unedited ones..

month of love :) @>----

many people would say, it is in february... but i'd like to be different :) perhaps for this year, i would say it's in november.. for the year 2008, is the month of love for me :P many things happening in november... lots of birthdays... proposal... wakakaka... ceremonies... ahah!.. and small meaningful gatherings with the loved ones. lets just list down what the meaningful event that has been happening around me :)

9th nov: another trip to skytrex adventure in shah alam. this time, lisa joined joey at the lil adventure.. and she had better time there.. at least she get to play more than 2 rounds for the whole adventure. and.. i guessed the rain followed us everywhere. it rained again, very heavily that we had to stop early. joey gained more confident this time. lisa was a bit nervous, but still have a smile on her face :)
12th nov: my dad's birthday. we had a small gathering among the family members at a restaurant in kl. all grandchildren has birthday presents for their dear 'atuk'. i ordered a special cake for my dad... with his face on it! hehhehe... and in the end, we left the head portion un-cut... coz we just couldn't cut his head off, can we? :O

to be continued...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lesson Learnt

dealing with strangers can be a pain in the ass. finally i have the urge to actually write about this in my blog. portraying to be someone religious does not make a person honest as he should be. and my mistake was being too trusting towards the stranger. this was what happened last week. yeup while i was sick, i was running around too, managing the guesthouse.

had a potential tenant from indonesia. a family of four. they seemed nice. supposed to start staying at the guesthouse in dec. he told me that he wanted to move in his stuff in nov as his wife and kids are going back to indonesia. and me, being silly gave him the keys to the guesthouse for him to put his stuff. and trusting him, that only his stuff. earlier discussion, we have agreed that i will pay the the utilities till nov and his responsibility starts in dec. and it has been mutually agreed.

2 nights ago i had a potential buyer to see the guesthouse. and only on that night i found out that my potential tenant has stayed in the guesthouse, earlier than the agreement date without informing me!! him and his family were caught red handed.

and early the next day, he sent me an email saying that he wished to cancel the deal. hmmmm... somehow, i am relieved that the deal is off ... coz God must be telling me that something is not right with that guy...

alhamdulillah next week, i have guests coming from bandung and in jan, there will be guests from sweden :) rezqi is everywhere :) insyaAllah...

moral of the story: do not give your keys before the start date! duhhh.... and dont trust people easily...

Monday, November 17, 2008

today in history

november 15th, 2008: alhamdulillah, everything went well as planned. i am grateful but nervous at the same time... joelis are getting more and more excited... i am getting more and more nervous.. funny eh?! hmmm whatever lah... whatever it is, i am so looking forward to meet up with the girls tomorrow :) looks like i need to replace the gym day to other day :P ahakss...

Friday, November 14, 2008

errkk... is it happening now?

what can i say? suddenly i have butterflies in my tummy!! of course i am grateful, but that does not mean i cant be nervous, can i? err... lots of things to do... in a short period of time. i need the girls' assistance for this. am i happy? yes, of course i am... and especially when i see my joelis are happy. this is it huh!! another wonderful beautiful journey of my life is starting? hmmmm... what i believe has come true. we are going somewhere... somewhere we can build together to be a better us :) insyaAllah... the end of a phase... and the starting of another... and we see a brighter future. ahhh... no words can describe how i feel right now...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

full swing again!

i just recovered... getting better. much better yes... i got the whole week off this week from work. office work that is. oh yezzaa.... i just love it... for once, i got a really long leave... although not the leave that is supposed to.. but at least i got my mind off from desk work. am really resting? well... i guess stress can be due to the mind stress and not so much of the body? i dont wanna just sit and feel sick, right?

i have been in and out and on the road.. settling the guesthouse.. oh yes, i paid a visit to my boss's house to see his sweet little dzara... had a great time talking to his wife... after running here and there... i could feel that my body is giving the signal again... i panicked... and i slowed down... hey... 3 days are enough in the hospital okay.. :P

ahhh... i want to write more... but i am so tired... :( my stomach dont feel so good...

Monday, November 10, 2008

just purr-fect

i had a perfect, well 99% perfect day last saturday. yeup, one day after i got discharged from gleneagles. the day just went flowing nicely... joelis and i know that its gonna be a full day, and i tried to arrange it so that it wont be too packed. oh yes, i did went to the wedding. it was so wonderful and beautiful. of course i had to get less excited. :) we actually left the wedding early around 11pm but as usual coming back from cyberjaya always laa... we always get lost ... hehehe :D so, i ended up got home around 1 something in the morning.

so, the next morning got up not too late, to have breakfast with joelis at diva restaurant.
  • fuel up petrol and went to get a birthday present for joey's friend.
  • stopby the stall to buy a newspaper.
  • drop lisa in school for her trip with her teacher and friends.
  • drop joey at kfc for the party.
  • i went to the guesthouse to wait for the wardrobe's delivery. asked a favor from the 2 guys to help me rearrange the bedroom.. gosh they look nicer now...
  • afternoon 1pm: got back into the car, fetched joey from the party.
  • went to a seafood restaurant for my lunch - and i tell you, it was the most expensive lunch that i ever had!!! :O stayed there longer around 2 hours coz there was free wifi... hehehe :D
  • joey played with the laptop while i have my lunch.
  • i did some work for the next hour - and i covered all my leads!!! wuhuuuu
  • came home... fetched lisa from school.
and.... why is the story hanging? errr.. coz i forgot what happened next.... hmmmm...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

when supermom collapsed

4th nov, i was finishing up some work for the auditors to come on wednesday, i felt something was not right. i dont feel so good at the office. my eyes looked at the time on my laptop. 4.30pm... shucks.. the doctor has left. :( i quickly finish up whatever that needed to be done, and i went home at 530pm sharp. felt my body could not take it anymore. my head spinned, my throat started to hurt. felt me a bit warmer that usual. got home just after 6pm. wanted to stop at the clinic but i was too tired. drove straight home. i was so glad to see joelis home. i felt weaker. called joelis, got massaged from 2 pairs of little hands... :) and at that point of time, i was really really thankful that no matter what, i know my lil joelis will never let me down. they will always be around for me and love me as much as i love them :*

1.10am... i could not breathe. my throat really hurts.. went downstairs, looked for any medicine or painkillers available... none.. :( i was desperate... drank a small portion of xango. that's the hope that i had left at that point of time. i was so sad... smsed AD, no answer... ahh what do i expect? it's 1am in the morning! tried to sleep.. and i dozed off although not getting a real sleep as at times i had to run to the bathroom to vomit.. shucks... :(

5th nov, got up at 6am.. showered, wanted to feel fresh.. but still felt terrible! couldnt get up to send joelis to school... felt bad.. but i just cant. after giving them some hugs and kisses... my dad sent them to school. i tried to sleep, but it hurts too much.. my heart started to pump too hard now. smsed AD and asked if he is free to send me to the clinic. he was at the gym. he came later and sent me to the clinic. i was referred to the hospital. my temperature was 39 and my throat was really swollen and had ulcers everywhere. and from there on... i had a terrible terrible time coping with the pain.... and in my head... gosh... i have a wedding to attend on friday!!! joelis were so sweet, they came after school and brought one rose each :D :* thanks sweeties...

6th nov, the worst day after being admitted in gleneagles hospital. i vomitted more than 10 times!! nope.. not exaggerating.. but that was hell for me.. i cant eat coz i felt bitter all over my mouth.. the throat still hurts although not as bad... i became very very weak... lack of food... no energy... and felt down. i thought i had no hope to go to the wedding :( i had to sms my mom to accompany me at the hospital that night. thank you mommy... :* AD thought, looking at my condition, i would not have the strength to go... but that night... although i was scared, i dared to take xango... before i sleep.. and of course make sure all medications are taken on time. to tell you the truth, you dont really get rested in the hospital. the nurses come in every now and then to check your temp la... your blood pressure la... etc... how can we rest?

7th nov, i felt much better... i was able to eat. had half bowl of quaker oatmeal for breakfast!. i was so happy!! :D i was feeling great.. oh yes, did i tell you that my doctor looks like denzel washington? hehehe :D he looked the same just like 6 years ago.... yeah... 6 years ago i had the same problem and he was my e&t specialist. and to cut story short... i got discharged.. although, my doctor did ask if i want to stay in... to me... 'na'ah doc... i wanna go home.. and i wanna go to the wedding' and he smiled at me and said, 'ok, i allow you to go but take it easy ok..', so okay lah...

and.. that was it ... the day when supermom collapsed - and now she's up again and around although she's taking it easy ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

mamma mia & girls just wanna have fun!

friday was like me racing on the highway... whoopps... no, racing on the track :P the day started with sending joelis to school. then hmmm... what did i do huh?? oh... i was at the guesthouse cleaning up ... packing and loading the boxes... had to do by myself as everyone was busy. had an agent coming to see the place, then, a korean family... later rushed home for lunch... and gosh i forgot what happened... ohh... i was back to and fro the guesthouse.

AD sent me off to meet the girls at pavillion for mamma mia.. the movie was entertaining. all of us actually booked the whole back row in the cinema... there were 9 of us girls... we were dancing and singing towards the end of the movie. best giler okay.... all of us were told to wear black and the bride to be, something else... other than black lah... :P and she wore maroon... hmmm more or less the same now... but.... she had a tiara on... and we make her put it on through out the night... hehehe!!!

next we adjourned to karaoke. guess what were the songs that we sang...?? all the abba songs... hahahaha!!! the girls were the craziest bunch of people... hehehe... laughing, singing, shouting, taking crazy pics... and oohh... i cant post them here... hahaha... dancing... etc etc... and i hope the bride to be had fun too... :) we are so looking forward for the wedding this weekend!! and we are gonna be the life of the party!!!! wuuhuuu.... hmmmmm what am i going to wear now? :O