Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why larr?

last night was really hot!! i came back early from work. saw my mom was already busy in the kitchen. preparing dinner. my aim was to settle most of the clothes. so, i went straight upstairs, had a shower. went back downstairs, collected all the clothes outside. my dad collected some dry clothes behind the house. you guys must be imagining that we had a lot of clothes to settled!! yeap ur right!! i spent almost half a day on monday to wash the clothes! with 2 washing machines!! well anyway, after that, i went upstairs where joelis were already halfway folding some of the clothes. so i sat there with mountain of clothes!! and watch the nanny! yey.... then, it was praying time. stopped for a while... and continue again... :( and later i searched for joelis' school uniform for me to iron. i knew i am going to be working late tonight, so i'd better iron extra till friday. it was really hot la last night. i was sweating like crazy!! lisa gave me a singlet for me to change when she saw me sweating... hahhaa... she said that i smelled like after a netball game... iyugghhh... :P lisa was so sweet to help me keep all the folded clothes. joey slept earlier.. :) ehhh i wanted to post about something else laaa... :P