Thursday, October 23, 2008


i am seated here at my workplace. couldnt get that much things done. my laptop keeps on hanging on me. LOL.. does that makes sense? i dont know how else to describe that. err this is not supposed to be the posting.. i have 2 other posting in the draft folder. my laptop is getting cranky and i could not upload the pictures. so.. i will blab blab here first. i called up home, no one picks up the phone. joelis did not answer their phone. my sister did not answer her phone. so, what else?? oh... i need to ask our tea lady if she can help to cook for this saturday. maybe i should go to the other building. of perhaps i should be doing some reading right now. and today, i would say that i am grateful to have a good assistant :) and i am feeling like i am floating... hmmmm... why ah? could it be because of my my caesar salad for lunch? maybe i should go to the gym after office today.