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skytrex adventure

by - October 28, 2008

october 18th, 2008: it was a busy day... had someone to view the guesthouse in the morning. we were supposed to go for an open house but time was too short. andy and i rushed back to my parents' home, fetched joelis, and we head on to bukit cerakah. i dont really remember how to get there. we convoyed with linda, andy's trainee. i was praying hard so that it wont rain when we reached there. we got there just after 2pm. the place was nice. joelis already looked excited!! andy looked err... whats these?? hehehe :D and me, being the over protective mom, almost not letting my joelis to do all that... joey looked frustrated... but then... when i knew there was an area for children... i was okay to let him do all the challenges.. and lisa joined the adults.. i was nervous allowing them to do all that, to be honest! but anyway... joey enjoyed himself most!!! see more pics in our album. yes!! we will definitely come here again, maybe in the morning next time. hopefully it wont rain. :) andy was teasing me all the way coz he said that i chickened out... hehehe... i did not, just that, why should i pay for something that i dont really enjoy? :P duuhhh... but i am happy to see joelis happy!!

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