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law of attraction

by - October 08, 2008

it seems to be working so well with me right now that i get scared. i was thinking of my gf the other day and told AD about it, the next day, she called AD and we met up!

i was thinking of ML yesterday and today she called me up at the office to talk about my court case. although of course the news is not that pleasing :(

i have been having this thought about AD and i dont remember the last time he said he loved me, and moments ago, i received an sms from him telling me that he loves me *grin* well i didnt want to be childish about it, but i am a woman... hahaha... sometimes we need to know, right? err.. no? hehhe i am being ridiculous, i know.. i just love him :P

hmmmm what else would i think of now? will it happen? i am scared to think of anything now...coz of the what ifs....

i know what i hate... i hate to see the messy-ness of the clothes in the maid's room. yeah yeah yeah... we are so used to having maids around. call us spoilt if you want but thats who we are. we pay for convenience.. err..right? :O

AD and i had this conversation on the way to my office this morning, about having maids around. and maybe, that issue sort of bothers me now.. of course, i want the privacy with joelis and AD at home. our own home i mean. but... no maid? :( i can... of course i can.... err can i?? oh my.. i should talk this out with him. not that it is happening soon but, we still have to talk about it right? or is it just me who likes to worry to early?? aarrgghhhh...

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