Saturday, October 4, 2008

hari raya 2008

we had a great time time this year... :) it was different as AD celebrated hari raya for the first time with us. 1st day we were in kl... had my parents' friends coming over, some relatives who were in kl... and later in the afternoon we went out, AD, me and joelis... went to lisa's best friend's house and my boss' house. all of us were in blue attire. AD refused to wear the sampin... ada ke dia kata itu skirt... hahah lawak lah...

2nd raya, we went balik kampung... we were in brown this time. AD was sweating like crazy... hehehe... kesian dia... dah la terpijak batu with his new capal. heh..heh.. well, he asked for the capal, it wasnt my idea. but i guess the capal has a bit of heels... and he is not used to it.. dah terpele'ot.. food was not as nice as previous years... dont know why laa.. oh yes, N3's bf came along too this time..

as i am typing all these now... we are still busy at home coz my mom is inviting her friends and relatives to the house today. err... i'd better stop blogging for a while.. :P