Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bluech.. wekk.. yeckk

i dont know why but i am feeling not nice right now... its like something is not right somewhere... or something is not completed...[apart from work that is] hmmm... why ahhh... gosh i dont like this feeling lah... :(

anyway, i went to visit my gf's newborn just now. so cute... :) baby looked really fresh from the oven... hahaha mummy's tummy. :P it's a boy... last week was my boss' baby... hmm how nice... *sigh* i have this sentimental thingy about newborns nowadays... alaaaa tomel tomel nyaaa..... :*

ahhh gotta finish what i am doing now coz i have few things to settle... sending out my boxes to my distributor in bandung :) yezzaa.... :D

and now my whole body is aching after my gym session yesterday... hahaha LOL... yeaa after 3 weeks not going to the gym and started back yesterday... baru padan muka :P aduss... tolongg... AD... have mercy!!! :P

and perhaps, i wasnt really comfortable with the topic that AD and i talked about last night.. maybe he wasnt comfortable too? i dunno... i have been assuming too much nowadays. dunno why dont i just be honest with him. i should but i am not doing it. why? i dunno... there you go... the fav phrase for today - 'i dunno' and i JUST HATE it when i am not done talking people hang up on me!!!! SHUCKKSSS!!!! goshhhh....

aaahhhhhhhh i better go home now!!!