Wednesday, September 17, 2008

yey.. yey...

my work is on track.. a bit slow, but still moving. and while i am typing this, the noise from the billing processing machine is the background music. heh heh.. looking forward for good food today for breaking fast at prince hotel. hmm remembered the last time i went there was with WN.. hmm how time flies, kan. :)

i have just started bicycle fund for us. :) joelis are priority. last weekend 4 of us went to the bicycle shop to just look around and see which one that joelis like. so that at least, i will know how much to save every month. with the tupperware sales, i managed to get half of what i needed for their bicycles. AD saw my face as i walked out from the shop. yes, i was a bit worried. of course we want to do a lot of things for our kids. but i have to admit too, there are limitation. with hari raya around the corner.. and AD said, 'dont worry, we save together' and somehow it put a lil smile on my face. but that does not stop me thinking about it.

this is the 3rd week of fasting month and joelis' dad has not brought them out to get their hari raya stuffs. he must be busy with his newborn. ;) but somehow i believe that he should do his part for joelis too, right? this is what i am thinking about. been discussing this with my lawyer coz i knew that joelis dad will act like this. well anyway, we'll just see what happens. i guess joelis just couldnt be bothered.. hehehe.. and they are already used to this. to them, daddy doesnt care.

hmmm this doesnt sound right for the posting title at all huh...