Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yey hot fm!!

yezzaaa.... my fara fauzana is back!! i have been neglecting era for a few months now.. have moved to hot fm... maybe because i like the combination of fara fauzana and faizal ismail. and the topic that they talk about is more interesting most of the time. they both are more natural and they dont laugh so loud unnecessarily. and this morning fara was complaining that she gained 3kgs after fasting for 3 days??!! walauwehhh.. something must be wrong somewhere... maybe, during buka she ate a lot all at once, hence the hungry body absorb faster? yes? no? i dont know... that does sound logic to me :O whatever it is, i believe we should control what we eat (this is for me too).. especially in fasting month. having to fast the whole day, i'd understand when people go out there to buy lots of food and in the end, they cant even finish what they have bought! so people, eat what you can eat not what you want to eat. and... berjimat :)

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