Monday, September 8, 2008

when the heart speaks

i had a meaningful conversation with him just now. him? him who? someone whom i respect and trust. yeup, unc e... he was asking me if everything is okay. oh well, it has been okay until the next session with the formal people i'd call it. i have done all i can but what if he still doesn't want to give what kids deserve? i cant go there and tie him up and ask him to give can i? no, i am not tired and i have not gave up, especially when it comes to kids' rights. but lets just say, something is better than nothing. i have lots of things on top of my head.. err is that the right way of saying it? err i hope so.. kids have gave up in a way. i told or more of reminded them last sunday of the date 7th sept.... and she went,

'whts with the date ma?' and i replied,
'its your father's bday'
'oh...ok... i totally forgot'
'arent you gonna wish him?'
'hmmm whatever for? he doesnt remember us, why do we need to remember him?'
'he is still your father'
'i dont feel like it ma'

and today after talking to unc e... unc e was really pissed with him.. 'is there anybody out there who can put senses in head? its his responsibility as the father for goodness sake!' oh well... if only he has brain... i said again in my heart. its his ego that he's speaking with.. all i can say, i feel sorry for him... he may have gain all the popularity with his friends but he is missing the vote to remain popular from the most important people in his world - his children...

and how often do you read ein's postings on this matter? rarely... but sometimes, its good to just let the heart speaks and release whats bugging you