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by - September 02, 2008

a lot of things happened on the weekend. i was quite surprised that we can do a lot!! well anyway... my friend, who happened to be my boss's wife called me up at the office to ask me to be a paparazzi. she sent a cake to his husband.. hehehe :D cute! so, there i was... being the amateur paparazzi not knowing that the cake actually arrived before she called me!... hahaha..

kids' birthday party: received an invitation from a very close friends of ours last week. joelis were very excited. we only get to meet up on few occasions, raya and birthdays. last time we used to go for holidays together with abg zaid's family. i guess nowadays everyone has been too busy.. most importantly, we still keep in touch :) the rain was really heavy that day. and to make things worst, we had a not so nice situation in the car. i got so emotional, that joelis kept quiet after the commotion. AD tried to make jokes but it didnt work on me at that time.... it became a long journey from kl to kota damansara. but... glad that once we arrived at the party, everything became fine. joelis had fun. i did not have to watch them so much, they automatically made themselves at home. :) and AD too... joelis went swimming with kids, while i catch up on things with kak ros and AD joined abg zaid by the pool to be the lifeguards for the kids. :) by 7 something in the evening, sent AD back to the office where he left his scooter. i went home with joelis, and got ready for another birthday party!

charmene's surprise birthday party: okay... here's how the story goes. i called rini a few days ago to ask if she is organizing any bday party for charmene. or at least get a few girls for dinner or hang out :) but according to rini, she doesnt have any plans. so, to make things easier, i told her, maybe we can hang out after work on friday? but... when friday came, everyone was quiet. so, ok lah... i guess everyone is busy. or maybe had their own plans. i told rini, whatever it is, if she has any plans, count me in... and... that saturday morning rini called.. really early okay!! :P asked if i have plan on that day. well, i said, i do have plans with joelis for a birthday party... but at night i am free. so, rini told me that charmene's hubby is arranging a surprise party for charmene at pan pac klia. i tried to get in touch with AD and asked if he is free and want to join the party... as soon as he agrees... so... us being the supergirls.. tried to get everything organized on that very day. i got the balloons, and rini got the cake. after abg zaid's kids' party, i called up my friend at ge mall, ordered balloons... and fetch them later... everything was okay... by 9 something, AD and i were already on the way to the hotel. by the time we reached at the hotel car park, rini and bilal were already there but still in the car. confirmed that charmene and hubby were out of the room. i made AD bring the balloons... hehhehe... :D and they matches his purple shirt lah. and to cut story short... we waited for 1.5 hour after midnight... heh..heh... we had our own karaoke party before charmene actually arrived! and... AD had his first experience singing karaoke.. LOL.. good all of us were starving.. pizza, sandwiches.. fruit punch! and we sang till 430am! hope charmene had a good time.. :) check out more pics here.

getting ready for tupperware bazaar... yeup... i will be having my own tupperware bazaar at our home next week. went with AD to collect 4 boxes of tupperwares from the store!! and i spent half of the day yesterday putting prices on them. and later in the evening, joelis had a fun ride on AD's scooter. :)

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