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sick of it

by - September 25, 2008

i actually burst at work yesterday... ya ya ya... it is the fasting month, should be more patience. but hey.. patience has the limits okay. gosh, he really drives me mad this time. the way his email written, it was like... 'duh... why arent you guys doing your job properly?' and that was it man.. i only read the email at first which was addressed to a few personnels from various departments. and when my staff started to email back, i have guessed that its not gonna be nice. you know, there are some people here in the office who just wanna look good in their job by poking their nose into other people's territory and trying so hard to make other people, or shall i say, other dept looked incompetent. well, hey, you are dealing with iron ladies here brother!

i have been looking again and again at many certificates that i have on my desk. and i have been thinking again and again, that i should be updating me resume. i want to do something else. *sigh* well i dont know.. perhaps i needed a change.. it is about time. but will i do it one day? hmmmpphh... i worked more than 10 years to get what i got now... it is time for a change. not that i am ungrateful but i need a change. i am sure, i can achieve more by doing something else ;)

i am just sick of people.. some people... show off sick people and i dont know what else to say... can i just sink his head in the sand or something... well that was how i felt like doing... putting on my boots and kick his head off!!

the nice things: i went to jusco with AD yesterday to get him another pair of baju melayu. heh... heh... so who is the one who's getting excited for hari raya? i am sure he is more excited about the food!! :P so, now we've got brown, colorful, and blue.. so since, AD bought for me a blue kebaya top, we looked for blue baju melayu to match joelis and i. and i still have a few vouchers in my handbag. we were lucky that the baju melayu was on sale.. additional 20%... wuhhuu.... :) not bad at all!! by the time we finished, we still have another about 30 minutes for breaking fast. (hmmm what's the actual term for it huh?? breaking fast - break fasting - break fast) and there was no place to sit. that is why i always prefer to break my fast at home. :) so we decided to get sandwich for me and a piece of brownies for AD until we find a good place for proper dinner. by the time maghrib, we were already in the car.. in the end, we decided to go to the mamak restaurant behind his place... and we met HN there, AD's gym trainee and 3 of us ate the usual stuff... hmmm

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