Tuesday, September 23, 2008

raya mood is here

sunday was a slow day. AD came to the house as usual. a bit late this week coz it rained so heavily. joelis were not in the mood to do anything. that's what happened during fasting month. most people prefers to stay home.. not doing anything.. hmmm.. not that good huh. oh yes, AD helped to install the battery for my youngest's sister's car. something that he has not done before but he did it for the first time last sunday. hehehe :D baru tau! shiann dia, pressure... by my dad :P

err.. what am i talking about now? oh okay... the usual me and off track.. ahakss.. :D and last sunday night after AD went home, after i packed dinner for him... coz i cooked... hahaha.. well, usually he'll have dinner and break fast with us, but since he had a meeting at 8pm... he had to leave early. so, i packed for him la.. well anyway... after dinner, i went upstairs and started to print our raya cards. AD called many times but i could not hear.. left my handphone in the bedroom and i was outside. AD called lisa's phone.

AD: hellowww...
me: hey... hi.... *cheerful voice* whatsup???
AD: heh heh... *his usual laugh*
me: why did you call lisa's phone?
AD: i called many times... you did not pick up your phone.
me: oh..? hehehee *guilty laugh* my handphone is in the room laaa.
AD: ohhh no good... should have the phone with you..
me: aaahh.... my boyfriend doesnt call me often, so i keep my phone laa... *teasing him* :P
AD: achso!!
me: heh.. heh... :D
AD: hey i bought a nice malay baju for you!!
me: *getting so excited* ha???? really... *by this time, i was already smiling to my ears*
AD: yes laa... so, get into your car, come over and see laaa...
me: alaaa... tonight ke?? i am so tired laaa... already in my night gown..
AD: then see tomorrow laaa... heh.. heh... :D
me: hehhee :D okay... thanks sayang...
AD: yaaa...

and yesterday i saw the malay baju... hehehe... it was a kebaya top, with beads and it was beautiful!! :) i have to admit, he does have taste in buying clothes for me :) i love the dress that he bought last time too. it made me look nice and sexy... for him :P hahahaa :D i love the surprises from him :) :*

coming back to the kebaya... it was a bit loose for me, so last night, after the online training, we both went to my tailor's house and sent it for alteration. and... my tailor's husband made for us some herbs drinks... and we got high.. well, i dont know... felt a bit funny. and AD asked if i was okay to drive. i said yes, although yeahhh felt funny. like floating.. so AD said, this is how people felt when they are drunk.. or maybe a bit tipsy. i was like... huh???? so now i know.. hehhehe... told my parents this morning, and they said we shouldnt drink if we dont know whats in the drink. well, he said everything was halal in there... maybe its the combination of fruits, ginger, honey, eggs... and whatever else.. :O

and since everyone is already in raya mood... AD bought himself a pair of brownish baju melayu :) so, looks like this year, 1st raya, we'll all be wearing brown. and 2nd raya, blue :) i will get him another pair.. :) he looks better with baju melayu johor because of his big chest built.. oh yeahh.. he got excited about raya i think, he already wore his brown baju melayu during our seminar last saturday... hehehe .. kelakar la mamat tuh..