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the nanny saved me!

by - September 21, 2008

my lo: i was supposed to be home for break fast yesterday but since my close friend HF from Penang came down... he actually succeeded to persuade me to break the fast with him :) well, i enjoy the moment until some insensitive people started to bring up some stupid issues. for me it is as easy as, if you feel that you have an opinion, and you wanna to argue certain issue, especially about religion, go and argue with the right person. i do not wish to argue because i am not well equipped with all the correct answers. i have my foundation but when it comes into details, sometimes even a mualaf (moslem convert) would know better. i am not ashamed to say that coz, i learn everyday. and despite my not so high knowledge about islam, i WILL not tolerate any kind of insult towards my religion!! not that i am running away, but keeping quiet is the best that i can do. and with that i regretted having my break fast last night outside. it was not HF's fault. but i just chose to keep quiet after that, HF saw the changes on my face and that explains all.

i had a rough day yesterday, but something saved me.. :) :) i was about to go to bed, still feeling down.. and i found something that actually cheered me up!! lisa could not sleep, and she asked my permission to stay up. so, i said okay, since it was the weekend. joey and i entered our bedroom when, later i ran out again. i still feel bad and i have so much of anger in me. and.. wallaaa... i took the tv remote and started to look for nice things on astro... and i found, 'the nanny'... yey.. yey... and yey... ended up, joelis, me and my younger sister had a great time together watching 'the nanny'... we just love that sitcom!! the family is funny, full of fun, love and they are rich!!! ms fine, is funny, loving, caring although she can be crazy... and sexy!! hehehe.. and i felt good again.. :) slept like a baby..

my high: 'guess what i am cooking today for dinner?' i asked joey... right after i catch him in my arm a few minutes ago. joey closed his ears.. and i asked again, 'oh come on... guess... :) ' and he said, 'no ma... i don't wanna guess, i am hungry now!' 'ohh.. okay..' *chuckle* and i stopped asking him.. and now he is doing his monkey act again while i am writing this in my blog. hehehe... oh how i love to be home with joelis and family on a beautiful sunday like today. sunday is my turn to prepare dinner.. well, sometimes i cook just 1 dish, but i guess today, i am in a good mood. :) so, i am going to prepare a few... hahahaha... so, after i showered this morning, i went to giant with my loyal assistant, lisa :P... bought a few stuff that i will need later. i dont really check what is in my mom's fridge in the kitchen. normally on groceries shopping day, i will just take the list that the maid will put up on the fridge door and buy them. so, to avoid not having the stuff that i needed, i just bought them.. got home by 1030am... went straight to the kitchen and prepare the chicken, slice some vegetables, leave the boring part to the maid... hehehe... the onions... and so.. the menu for today will be, chicken ginger, sweet sour fish and mixed vege with some celery in it... cause i just love the crunchiness of the celery. hmmm... :)

i love my beautiful sunday! :) hmmm better sign out now... joelis are going for their music class and it's time for my reading now.. :) before AD comes over at 200pm.

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