Thursday, September 4, 2008

my lil shopping

had a lil shopping yesterday... why do i need to call it lil? heh heh...coz, it is lah! :P i thought of looking for baju kurung and baju melayu for joelis. errmmm i actually bought the wrong color.. hahaha :P i was pretty certain that they were turquiose, but when i got home, N3 said... "hey this is light blue lah"... alamakkk!!... :O there goes our theme for this year.. anyway, later after work, went to bb plaza with AD just to browse around.. looking for the same color baju kurung for me.. and somehow AD saw this 1 beautiful baju kurung... perhaps it was light blue too... it was really beautiful.. i fall in love with it immediately... until i know the price :( i dont remember the last time i spent that much on a baju kurung.. i looked at it over and over again... just could not decide coz it was pretty expensive for me now :( after spending 10 minutes there... we just walked away... and my thoughts are still on the light blue baju kurung :( *sigh*... oh well..

p/s: i feel something is amiss... i dunno what... but somehow.. something is just not right somewhere. you know, the feeling like... you feel that you've done things that you are supposed to and yet, there is this feeling of unsatisfied. goshh.... its so not nice.. :(