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my customer service experience

by - September 11, 2008

i feel so called to write this as soon as i reached home. i was at the famous low yat a moment ago with AD. yes of course, i need to bring my hunk body guard along. i just couldnt wait anymore. my hp is driving me crazy. i had problems with it after less than 3 months i bought the phone. and 2 months ago had problems when it reset its setting by itself. and i hated it when i always need to change back the profile, my ring tone etc... so today is the day. joelis are out with their dad supposed to be at 3pm.. well i hope they are although the last time i called at 330pm they were still home. well thats beside the point here.. the reason i want to post is to share with you my customer service experience. i had to rush coz AD has a trainee at the gym at 6pm.

i reached the shop - well not really a shop... one of the booth. and told the problem to douglas, the salesperson. and he asked for my receipt. i know it has passed the warranty period. he said i need to buy a new battery. so i asked, how much was an original battery. its rm79. okay fine, give me a new battery but i want to know does that mean i will have the same problem after 3 months? that doesnt make sense isnt? and he asked me how long do i charge my phone. i said, 'when its says its full, i stop lah'.. and he asked 'how many hours?'. look, how many people out there actually timed their watch to charge a handphone??? and i said to him, 'look, its not just yesterday i learned how to use a handphone. logically when its stated its full, i stop. isnt?' and he questioned why my battery is faulty too fast. how the hell would i know?? i told him off... dont try to make me look stupid. obviously when i was in the middle of conversation and the battery went flat, i had to charge it isnt?? it is not my fault that the battery does not last even 1 full day!! and he got me a new battery... well at first he was about to put in a 'demo' battery which he has been showing people and the wrapping was opened. AD came to the rescue. he questioned him, 'why arent you giving her a new battery?? the one that you are about to use is already opened!' and at this time douglas was really upset that he trembled. he opened up a new one and challenged AD back, 'happy now???' and with a smile on his face, AD replied, 'yes, thank you very much. thats the way you should do business' and next...

he issued a receipt, and i gave him my credit card coz i havent got the chance to stop by the atm. and douglas told me, 'credit card? we charge you 2%' and i look back at him, calmly, 'okay.. charge me then but i must tell you that you are not supposed to charge your customer. the owner should bear the 2%. i know coz we use credit card facility too at my office, i can report you to the bank' and at this moment douglas was really upset, 'what you want now???' he raised his voice. 'well, as i said, its your choice. i am just telling you that i can report you to the bank. you can tell this to your boss, or if you are the boss, you should know'. and i smiled back at him.

he came back 3 minutes later, did not charge me the 2% but i tell you his face was red.. his eyes are watery... i bet he was controlling his anger for whatever reason. and i told him, 'look, you can be rude to me. you dont need to be upset. i am just telling you what is right and what is wrong so that you can learn. coz we learn new things everyday' he passed me the receipt... trying so hard to smile :) and he said 'thank you' and said back to him 'thank YOU... nice doing business with you' and AD has to say laa.. 'you are very good in customer service!'

and... i am short of rm79 for the new battery... :) but i am happy that at least he listened and not charge me the 2% coz obviously he knows that it is wrong to do so. :)

so.. this is a lesson to all too... they are NOT supposed to charge their customers :)

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