Tuesday, September 16, 2008

just because

just because the b&^^#$ toilet!! yeup... i got snapped...!! go repair the b^%#$% toilet la for goodness sake. i was really tired. perhaps we both were. i was supposed to be there before 530pm but i got caught up at the office. well, i managed to get there by 530pm! HF was already there. we were talking while waiting for AD to come home. what about? gym of course... so, although i was really tired, i decided to go for the gym. but i told my trainer that i want to do for 30 minutes only. and he said, 'ok' ... but when i was getting ready.. it was the toilet that spoiled everything. i was telling the story over sahur this morning... and we, my sisters, mom, joelis and i ended laughing at the dining table! yeahh... of course it was silly! but he shouldnt snapped at me like that. and well, yeahh... me being the sensitive one, i just kept quiet after that. he went down again to HF to continue the training. i was too sad to go... decided just to stay home, watched tv and called AA... and i was already crying like a baby... seriously sobbing.. i felt hurt.. and.. ahhh... thats about it lah.. and i am saving the details to myself lah... not in the mood to write about it also. if you asked me, last night i really felt just like to pack my stuff and go home. but if i've done that, it might drag further.. so.. stay put la... i am giving in this time

the nice part was, last night i decided to see my friends perform at SR.. its DR's birthday. smsed SA and told him about it. he said, let him know if i wanna go... so, gave him a task. asked him to get a bouquet of flowers for DR. met up with SA at the lobby around 11pm. AD was at the gym doing his workout. told me that he'd join me later.. so.. whatever lah. but to cut story short... i had a great time... danced poco2 with SA and the rest... and had a great time dancing with AD too.. although, i am always the shy one... but.. just love dancing with him :) it was like... the right songs came in one after another! and darn, he looked good last night!!! :P