Wednesday, September 10, 2008

is it okay?

blogging and facebook-ing has been an addiction to some.. at least i am one of them. :) yesterday before leaving the office, i was joking with a few colleagues.. said that i will be on mc today. and guess what happened... last night, i fell down from the stairs at home.. duh... i dont know why i was feeling really tired and sleepy yesterday. could be because of the late night the night before. but.. hey it was only till 1am. i've stayed up longer than that. well anyway, yesterday, i left office around 5pm. stopped by at AD coz he bought for us something for breaking fast. i reached home around 630pm, traffic was slow. i almost fall asleep while driving.. then after passing the stuff to the maids in the kitchen, i went upstairs and sleep. just dozed off til 719pm! and when i got up, just on time for breaking fast. went downstairs without shower and eat.. just had something light and went upstairs to shower and pray. and after praying i lie down in front of the tv upstairs.. but i guess i got up too quickly, and i saw stars! hehehe :D i forced myself to walk down the stairs.. and i missed 3 steps.. and ouch... :( and i was thinking... hmm tu laa... pikir lagi nak MC... kan dah jatuh!

hmm whatever it is, i am missing AD now... he's outstation :(