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few teasers...

by - September 08, 2008

hehehe.. i so want to update my blog but i've got so much things to do at the office... but nevertheless... here goes... i will tell more when i get the chance.. :)

the photoshoot: it was really challenging to get everyone's cooperation. really challenging. however at the end of the photoshoot, it went uhh... i can say 80% went well. :) 3 cars went to the park.. those who stays with my parents, went first. scheduled to be at 930.. dragged to 10am. as we were driving to the park, it rained.. i panicked :( was afraid that the photos wont look nice. smsed RR informing him that we were already on the way. we had a few spots ... but after the 1st spot ended, RR's camera shutter jammed! :( although he managed to snap like 160 photos.. we wanted more!! :P... luckily i brought my own camera which of course the quality of photos are waaaaaaayyyyyy behind compared to his camera.. but ok la... better than nothing :P perhaps when the photos from his camera are ready, i will upload more.

the wedding: this is really funny... it rained before the wedding.. and i havent bought the present yet. AD was at the office. and i left the card at my, i need to print the map from my email. duhhh... fetched AD at the weld... and we were early... at least that was what we thought. it was quite easy until the bukit raja toll... somehow, i got to the wrong intersection... and we got lost in the middle of we dont know where for more than 1 hour.. i was tired and frustrated and hungry :P asked 1 guy at the petrol station, we got further... :( aarrgghh.... finally... called Jg... and we managed to get to the hall on time... 645pm!! not bad huh... :) *smile* the stage was beautiful and looked like 'peterana' for the king!... food was good... :) AD had his 2nd round of food when my friends and i went up to see the bride and groom... p/s: i knew AD didnt like what i wore... but its ok la... :P hahhaha

the office buka puasa: food was not that good this year.. i dont know why... in fact most of us said that the food was not good this time.. i was frustrated with the lamb :( and the teh tarik.. too milky :( but... non of that stop us [wids and i] from having fun... heh... heh.. photos babe... photos..

the tupperware mini bazaar: despite the bad promotion... i had good sale. :) lisa helped me to prepare the posters and being the cashier. joey and kelly helped to distribute newsletters and flyers..ehh.. but that one is for xango... hehehe :D well anyway, i had my relatives who came, neighbours and other family members. it was good, but since i still have some... i might do another round next week ;)

AD and i went to the pasar ramadhan together for the first time. did not mean to buy a lot... but you know... pasar ramadhan is so inviting.. hahaha.. bought murtabak, air asam boi, kuey tiow goreng and watermelon. AD stayed till we break fast. i fried the vegetables for dinner and cut the watermelon coz AD wanted me to cut it... hehehe... and i am glad he appreaciates what i cooked. since it was sunday, we sisters cooked a few dishes.. mee kari... tempe goreng.. fish and chips etc..

well.. i guess.. thats about it right now... will update more.. later ;)

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