Monday, September 29, 2008

counting the days

office was quiet on monday. most of the staff started their leave on monday. so do i. :) but i was at the office, had to settle a few stuff. maid went off for their raya leave already. i thought i could bring joelis to the office... but i've got better idea.. heh.. heh... why dont i get a half day nanny... LOL... :D.. i asked him yesterday when he was at our house.. if he is free half of the day. and when he said that he might have meetings.. or gym... etc... i just said, 'oh... hmm .. then i will take joelis to the office lah. i am on leave but i still have things to do :( ' and my mind is working again thinking of what to do next... AD and i went to jusco to buy a few books, and also some drinks and things for hari raya. lisa stayed home coz she was tired cleaning up and making ketupat with my parents and sister. we were lucky this time, we got a parking spot. since i was still at jusco till around 330pm, i was afraid that i could not make it to prepare food for breaking fast. called my younger sister, N3 to buy some nasi beriyani on the way home. goshh... rm50 for 5 packets! hmmm... its getting more and more expensive.. :O AD went home right after that. he had his trainee at 830pm.. he gave me a call later and asked, 'do you want me to look after joelis tomorrow when you go to work?' and i was already smiling on the other side of the phone :D hehehe and it was all set!

so, that's where joelis were this morning... at AD's place... lisa was busy doing her project and joey busy with his psp. just after i finished, AD smsed saying that they are going to times square... and i joined them later... hmmmm they had fun at the cosmo kids.. i got something for my sister... had a few calls from the office till around 300pm.. this is so cool... working from home :P hahaha..

back at home.. house was in a mess. seriously, when there are so many people and so many things to do, i dont know what to do... :O... my mom got a temporary helper in the kitchen. i went upstairs and did some ironing. ironed AD's baju melayu, lisa's baju kurung and my kebaya.. all that for hari raya, 1st and 2nd day.