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counting the days

office was quiet on monday. most of the staff started their leave on monday. so do i. :) but i was at the office, had to settle a few stuff. maid went off for their raya leave already. i thought i could bring joelis to the office... but i've got better idea.. heh.. heh... why dont i get a half day nanny... LOL... :D.. i asked him yesterday when he was at our house.. if he is free half of the day. and when he said that he might have meetings.. or gym... etc... i just said, 'oh... hmm .. then i will take joelis to the office lah. i am on leave but i still have things to do :( ' and my mind is working again thinking of what to do next... AD and i went to jusco to buy a few books, and also some drinks and things for hari raya. lisa stayed home coz she was tired cleaning up and making ketupat with my parents and sister. we were lucky this time, we got a parking spot. since i was still at jusco till around 330pm, i was afraid that i could not make it to prepare food for breaking…

sick of it

i actually burst at work yesterday... ya ya ya... it is the fasting month, should be more patience. but hey.. patience has the limits okay. gosh, he really drives me mad this time. the way his email written, it was like... 'duh... why arent you guys doing your job properly?' and that was it man.. i only read the email at first which was addressed to a few personnels from various departments. and when my staff started to email back, i have guessed that its not gonna be nice. you know, there are some people here in the office who just wanna look good in their job by poking their nose into other people's territory and trying so hard to make other people, or shall i say, other dept looked incompetent. well, hey, you are dealing with iron ladies here brother!

i have been looking again and again at many certificates that i have on my desk. and i have been thinking again and again, that i should be updating me resume. i want to do something else. *sigh* well i dont know.. perhaps …

wishes for everyone

this is for everyone.. :) maaf zahir dan batin, if there is anything that i have said and done wrong. i seek for forgiveness.

please come to my house on the 1st day of raya.. do call or sms so that i'll know how many of you are coming.

and now.. it's raining very heavily... and i am talking nonsense with my dear AD... :D just smsed lisa... she just woke up from her sleep... how nice to be home :)

the drama

think about this. he tells girl A that girl B is just a friend. and i bet he tells girl B that girl A is just a friend too. but he sleeps with both girls... sick.. yeup, i would think that it is sick although to some, thats normal. and watching this kind of drama makes me wanna puke. girl A calls him and he said that he is busy... when the actual fact was, girl B was in his bed. and to some, this is life... but hey... what happen to honesty? and girl A is innocently thinking that he is such a the saint. when, he is actually covered by guilt and prefers to not say anything. duhhh...

think about it, if girl A knows the truth, would she still wanna be with him?

go to sleep ein... early morning meeting tomorrow... and ein misses AD :P

raya mood is here

sunday was a slow day. AD came to the house as usual. a bit late this week coz it rained so heavily. joelis were not in the mood to do anything. that's what happened during fasting month. most people prefers to stay home.. not doing anything.. hmmm.. not that good huh. oh yes, AD helped to install the battery for my youngest's sister's car. something that he has not done before but he did it for the first time last sunday. hehehe :D baru tau! shiann dia, pressure... by my dad :P

err.. what am i talking about now? oh okay... the usual me and off track.. ahakss.. :D and last sunday night after AD went home, after i packed dinner for him... coz i cooked... hahaha.. well, usually he'll have dinner and break fast with us, but since he had a meeting at 8pm... he had to leave early. so, i packed for him la.. well anyway... after dinner, i went upstairs and started to print our raya cards. AD called many times but i could not hear.. left my handphone in the bedroom and i was o…

the nanny saved me!

my lo: i was supposed to be home for break fast yesterday but since my close friend HF from Penang came down... he actually succeeded to persuade me to break the fast with him :) well, i enjoy the moment until some insensitive people started to bring up some stupid issues. for me it is as easy as, if you feel that you have an opinion, and you wanna to argue certain issue, especially about religion, go and argue with the right person. i do not wish to argue because i am not well equipped with all the correct answers. i have my foundation but when it comes into details, sometimes even a mualaf (moslem convert) would know better. i am not ashamed to say that coz, i learn everyday. and despite my not so high knowledge about islam, i WILL not tolerate any kind of insult towards my religion!! not that i am running away, but keeping quiet is the best that i can do. and with that i regretted having my break fast last night outside. it was not HF's fault. but i just chose to keep quiet aft…

whats ze...

i dont know exactly what to write about, but i want to write something. perhaps i know what i want to write but i dont want to offend anyone. :O :( so what should i do now.. ? mr transformer is bugging me now... he has been making the monkey sound noises... just beside my ears... uaarrghhh... and now he is humming with i dont know what kinda music... and drum.. or bongo sound coming out from him.. oh no.. he just would not stop... uragghh.... and now he just turned into a lion!!! help.. me... ooh... here comes the turkey!! gobble..gobble.. stop it joey!!! go to sleep... i wanna watch cashmere mafia...

Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.To make all your friends feel that there is something in themTo look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but great deeds.To live in faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the …

yey.. yey...

my work is on track.. a bit slow, but still moving. and while i am typing this, the noise from the billing processing machine is the background music. heh heh.. looking forward for good food today for breaking fast at prince hotel. hmm remembered the last time i went there was with WN.. hmm how time flies, kan. :)

i have just started bicycle fund for us. :) joelis are priority. last weekend 4 of us went to the bicycle shop to just look around and see which one that joelis like. so that at least, i will know how much to save every month. with the tupperware sales, i managed to get half of what i needed for their bicycles. AD saw my face as i walked out from the shop. yes, i was a bit worried. of course we want to do a lot of things for our kids. but i have to admit too, there are limitation. with hari raya around the corner.. and AD said, 'dont worry, we save together' and somehow it put a lil smile on my face. but that does not stop me thinking about it.

this is the 3rd week of …

girls' night out at the balcony :P

received a call from SS yesterday asking me if i have plans in the evening. on tuesday, is the day that i'll be home early to be with joelis... or.. err.. have an extra hour of sleep? :P after saying that i am free, i asked her, 'whats up?' she asked if i wanna join for coffee at alexis. hmmm... told her terawikh ends just before 10pm. and after joelis sleep, then i can make it. well, as usual, we plan, but everything is in God's hand.

my parents invited about 10 guests from Thailand for breaking fast at home... i was really tired. and yes, i was quite moody too. i did not expect to be with that many people around. i started to talk nonsense. saying things that i was not supposed to. :( well anyway, after breaking fast, i helped the maid to wash the dishes and clear up the dining table. by then i was already exhausted. joey was already asleep. and lisa followed soon after. i sent an sms to SS telling her that i am too tired to even get out of bed. well... in summary, i …


i cannot think... my brain has frozen. its getting too cold in the office... OMG... i wanna go home... i wanna go home.. i miss my joelis.. at the same time today, i couldnt stop smiling. keep on seeing AD.. hehhehe :D duuhh... seriously, he really looked err different. must be the stripe dark colored shirt that he wore.. and he was very cheerful last night. macam ceria jer... so much said, doesnt like to be in the center of attraction kunun... huwaaa.. suka.. jer... dance malam tadi.. i wish i was not that shy and just enjoy the dance :) hmmmm....

just because

just because the b&^^#$ toilet!! yeup... i got snapped...!! go repair the b^%#$% toilet la for goodness sake. i was really tired. perhaps we both were. i was supposed to be there before 530pm but i got caught up at the office. well, i managed to get there by 530pm! HF was already there. we were talking while waiting for AD to come home. what about? gym of course... so, although i was really tired, i decided to go for the gym. but i told my trainer that i want to do for 30 minutes only. and he said, 'ok' ... but when i was getting ready.. it was the toilet that spoiled everything. i was telling the story over sahur this morning... and we, my sisters, mom, joelis and i ended laughing at the dining table! yeahh... of course it was silly! but he shouldnt snapped at me like that. and well, yeahh... me being the sensitive one, i just kept quiet after that. he went down again to HF to continue the training. i was too sad to go... decided just to stay home, watched tv and called A…

hate politics

yes... i hate it... used to say the same to my friend, whom now he is not a friend anymore... hmmm i wonder why... deleted me from the facebook list, multiply album... hmm to satisfy someone i supposed.. ahakss... well anyway thats beside the point. he used to tell me that i need to know whats going on around. well, now that i am interested to know, i hate it more. malaysia is not like malaysia before... everything sucks!! they are becoming kurang ajar... claiming their rights kunun... wtf... i want another mahathir!! :( why cant they live like we used to before. tertekan sangat ke depa ni?? tak payah lah nak adakan apa2 sentimen yang tak ada... benda bodoh jer.. nak sangat negara yang aman ni kucar kacir... bangang ke apa... ingat dah terer sangat la tuh?? goshh memang meluat dgn depa2 nieh... kalau dah tak suka sangat, blah laaa.. tak reti nak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada di negara sendiri.

there you go... me letting out my frustration.

err you called that a mess??

wow... :O amazing that her desk is in a 'mess'?? she has not seen mine yet... har har har... i have this habit of keeping old notes... simply because, 'i might need the info later'... *blush* so when i read my sister's blog... she said that her desk is in a mess... i was like.. duhhhh... so... here goes.. yes.. yes... i will do something about it!! :P

my sister's workstation
mine! :P LOL har har har

err... so, do i win an award??

have you ever

... been afraid to just check on the balance of your bank account? :D
... felt that there's too little time, too many things to do
... felt so tired that you just wanna stay home, lazying
... wish you are somewhere else with people you love instead of the office
... have the thought why does some people wants to make other people's life miserable?
... wonder if you are not you, who would you be?
... wished that there are thousands or millions RM in your bank account? hehehehe :D

my customer service experience

i feel so called to write this as soon as i reached home. i was at the famous low yat a moment ago with AD. yes of course, i need to bring my hunk body guard along. i just couldnt wait anymore. my hp is driving me crazy. i had problems with it after less than 3 months i bought the phone. and 2 months ago had problems when it reset its setting by itself. and i hated it when i always need to change back the profile, my ring tone etc... so today is the day. joelis are out with their dad supposed to be at 3pm.. well i hope they are although the last time i called at 330pm they were still home. well thats beside the point here.. the reason i want to post is to share with you my customer service experience. i had to rush coz AD has a trainee at the gym at 6pm.

i reached the shop - well not really a shop... one of the booth. and told the problem to douglas, the salesperson. and he asked for my receipt. i know it has passed the warranty period. he said i need to buy a new battery. so i asked,…

could i have this kiss forever

Over and over I look in your eyes
you are all I desire
you have captured me
I want to hold you
I want to be close to you
I never want to let go
I wish that this night would never end
I need to know

Could I hold you for for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I could I have this kiss forever
Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever

Over and over I've dreamed of this night
Now you're here by my side
You are next to me
I want to hold you and touch you taste you
And make you want no one but me
I wish that this kiss could never endoh baby please

Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I could I have this kiss forever
Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever

I don't want any night to go by
Without you by my side
I just want all my d…

is it okay?

blogging and facebook-ing has been an addiction to some.. at least i am one of them. :) yesterday before leaving the office, i was joking with a few colleagues.. said that i will be on mc today. and guess what happened... last night, i fell down from the stairs at home.. duh... i dont know why i was feeling really tired and sleepy yesterday. could be because of the late night the night before. but.. hey it was only till 1am. i've stayed up longer than that. well anyway, yesterday, i left office around 5pm. stopped by at AD coz he bought for us something for breaking fast. i reached home around 630pm, traffic was slow. i almost fall asleep while driving.. then after passing the stuff to the maids in the kitchen, i went upstairs and sleep. just dozed off til 719pm! and when i got up, just on time for breaking fast. went downstairs without shower and eat.. just had something light and went upstairs to shower and pray. and after praying i lie down in front of the tv upstairs.. but i g…

i like

today is the longest day at work in history... hahaha :D exaggerating.. but awhile ago i got this photo from my friend mr photographer... hehehe i like.... the only person control macho is my bro-in-law... hahaha

when the heart speaks

i had a meaningful conversation with him just now. him? him who? someone whom i respect and trust. yeup, unc e... he was asking me if everything is okay. oh well, it has been okay until the next session with the formal people i'd call it. i have done all i can but what if he still doesn't want to give what kids deserve? i cant go there and tie him up and ask him to give can i? no, i am not tired and i have not gave up, especially when it comes to kids' rights. but lets just say, something is better than nothing. i have lots of things on top of my head.. err is that the right way of saying it? err i hope so.. kids have gave up in a way. i told or more of reminded them last sunday of the date 7th sept.... and she went,

'whts with the date ma?' and i replied,
'its your father's bday'
'oh...ok... i totally forgot'
'arent you gonna wish him?'
'hmmm whatever for? he doesnt remember us, why do we need to remember him?'
'he is still your…

few teasers...

hehehe.. i so want to update my blog but i've got so much things to do at the office... but nevertheless... here goes... i will tell more when i get the chance.. :)

the photoshoot: it was really challenging to get everyone's cooperation. really challenging. however at the end of the photoshoot, it went uhh... i can say 80% went well. :) 3 cars went to the park.. those who stays with my parents, went first. scheduled to be at 930.. dragged to 10am. as we were driving to the park, it rained.. i panicked :( was afraid that the photos wont look nice. smsed RR informing him that we were already on the way. we had a few spots ... but after the 1st spot ended, RR's camera shutter jammed! :( although he managed to snap like 160 photos.. we wanted more!! :P... luckily i brought my own camera which of course the quality of photos are waaaaaaayyyyyy behind compared to his camera.. but ok la... better than nothing :P perhaps when the photos from his camera are ready, i will upload more…

so excited!!

why? coz of a few reasons... by the way its raining very heavily out there and i am still in the office waiting for the right time to go and break our fast at muzium kesenian islam. as usual, company's event annually. off late i have been feeling so like wanna go chill... just wanna go out... but the last time AD and i went out... i forgot how to dance already... heheheh :D that shows how long i have been quiet :P and since now is the fasting month... err.. i would feel guilty if i were to go out at night.. hmm... what a not so clever thought... should think of staying home and recite the quran.. hmm ok lah... i'll just do that.

well anyway... why am i excited?? coz for the first time, i will be attending an indian wedding. i missed one few months back coz i was not in kl... and trow there'll be another one :) yey... so looking forward.. hmmm what am i gonna wear yea?? ohhh..gotta buy the wedding present tomorrow lah!!

and tomorrow morning is gonna be another photo session..…


been thinking about yesterday... people you know can be cynical, for no apparent reason. it just made we wonder...why? if you are not happy with me if i have done anything to you... or if i have not done anything that you want me to do... tell me laaa... what laa... but anyway i got home yesterday, after talking to my sister on the phone, N3 all the way from the office to home.. going through the bad traffic... and having to see my joelis...i felt better...

oh yes... i made egg mayo sandwiches for joelis... they loved it.. hehehe... yea yea yea... some people who just wanna be cynical (again) to me might say.. 'huh.. just sandwiches?' but hey... eventhough it was just sandwiches, i prepared them with love for the people i love at home :P

and here is a photo of joey who fell asleep infront of the tv after solat terawikh. :) and this morning during sahur, we had this funny conversation at the dining table.. he told us how him and his friend are not friends anymore just because of …

my lil shopping

had a lil shopping yesterday... why do i need to call it lil? heh heh...coz, it is lah! :P i thought of looking for baju kurung and baju melayu for joelis. errmmm i actually bought the wrong color.. hahaha :P i was pretty certain that they were turquiose, but when i got home, N3 said... "hey this is light blue lah"... alamakkk!!... :O there goes our theme for this year.. anyway, later after work, went to bb plaza with AD just to browse around.. looking for the same color baju kurung for me.. and somehow AD saw this 1 beautiful baju kurung... perhaps it was light blue too... it was really beautiful.. i fall in love with it immediately... until i know the price :( i dont remember the last time i spent that much on a baju kurung.. i looked at it over and over again... just could not decide coz it was pretty expensive for me now :( after spending 10 minutes there... we just walked away... and my thoughts are still on the light blue baju kurung :( *sigh*... oh well..

p/s: i feel…

yey hot fm!!

yezzaaa.... my fara fauzana is back!! i have been neglecting era for a few months now.. have moved to hot fm... maybe because i like the combination of fara fauzana and faizal ismail. and the topic that they talk about is more interesting most of the time. they both are more natural and they dont laugh so loud unnecessarily. and this morning fara was complaining that she gained 3kgs after fasting for 3 days??!! walauwehhh.. something must be wrong somewhere... maybe, during buka she ate a lot all at once, hence the hungry body absorb faster? yes? no? i dont know... that does sound logic to me :O whatever it is, i believe we should control what we eat (this is for me too).. especially in fasting month. having to fast the whole day, i'd understand when people go out there to buy lots of food and in the end, they cant even finish what they have bought! so people, eat what you can eat not what you want to eat. and... berjimat :)

photo courtesy of

the unexpected

people receive lots of unexpectations every day. so i guess, it was my turn this morning. as i was having a discussion at my place with one of my colleague, a call came in at my desk. as usual, i would thought it could be our customer. but i thought wrong. i was blur when she introduced herself. and somehow, slowly i managed to gather myself and try to listen to what she was trying to say. maybe i got some and maybe i missed some of the message that she was trying to convey. the line was not clear on her side. somehow, the line got cut off in the middle of conversation, and i had to take another call later.

*sigh* in any relationship, its best to let the history passed... there is no use going back there. :) i would keep all the beautiful memories in me and released all the sad ones away... and i dont think i'd share with a person whom i dont know. whatever he/she has done, that was before you are in the relationship isnt? ;) hence, does it really matter? and i guess, only the pers…


a lot of things happened on the weekend. i was quite surprised that we can do a lot!! well anyway... my friend, who happened to be my boss's wife called me up at the office to ask me to be a paparazzi. she sent a cake to his husband.. hehehe :D cute! so, there i was... being the amateur paparazzi not knowing that the cake actually arrived before she called me!... hahaha..

kids' birthday party: received an invitation from a very close friends of ours last week. joelis were very excited. we only get to meet up on few occasions, raya and birthdays. last time we used to go for holidays together with abg zaid's family. i guess nowadays everyone has been too busy.. most importantly, we still keep in touch :) the rain was really heavy that day. and to make things worst, we had a not so nice situation in the car. i got so emotional, that joelis kept quiet after the commotion. AD tried to make jokes but it didnt work on me at that time.... it became a long journey from kl to kota da…