Wednesday, August 13, 2008


cleaning up after an event is more tiring, i guess. needed to compile all the receipts... claims... and see how much we actually spent. had most of the time seated at my workplace yesterday. sampai sakit2 pinggang... hehehe... now that i car pool to the office with N4, somehow its better for joelis. not so much of nagging from lisa. hehe just needed better push factor for that. errr.... why am i jumping to this topic? hmmm.. dunno :P and thats me sitting thinking what to do next...!! hahaha :P

somehow, i missed AD so much yesterday... why arr? ehh... the nice amazing thing is, whenever i had this thought about him, moments later, his sms reaches me. heheehee... kira okay lah tuh.. :P

so looking forward for our holiday trip this weekend - me and my whole family. and will use this opportunity to expand the business over there too. lets see how it'll work okay. :)

went off to the curve yesterday after work.. around 640pm with N4... had things done there... women's stuff :P.... got home around 830pm... had our dinner.. whats left on the table... boy..!! i was so hungry!!! and later went upstairs checked on joelis... watched drama.. and went to bed.. without shower...iyugghh... hehehe :D.. AD smsed asking me to watch tv1 for underwater world programme or something... hmmm nice... but lots of snakes!! yikess... nope, not gonna dive there!! :O my mom who was watching with me started to nag about my diving activities.. bla.. bla.. bla... and i can no longer stand... hee hee :D hey... i've gone only for 1 diving trip this year okay!! so, to avoid more nagging, i ran back to our room... joey was already asleep... or.. half asleep. carried him on the bed, coz as usual, he will be conquering half of the bed.. hahaha :D and i fell asleep... :O woke up again, 1030pm.. shower, and get back to sleep... hmmm the pain killer did help... i was feeling a bit sick last night. and AD's sms read, 'u see i think of u'.. hahaha... eleh... kalau teringat pun, ngaku je laa.. tak yah guna alasan tengok tv citer diving... kih..kih..kih.. :P

and i had this weird dream, about my ex boss.. AD.. and some others... playing badminton?? what the hell?? hahaha.. and something about people in a circle... just dont understand! and this morning, joey woke up.... pulling the comforter... hehehe... his hands and legs are cold.. itu laa... normally i will cover him with the comforter and hug him, but he will push all away... hmmm tau sejuk bila dah pagi!! :P

and now..gotta write a report about the whole event last weekend :)