Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what would you prefer?

would you prefer your partner/bf/gf to tell you or do it behind your back? hehehe... what a stupid question to ask, i know. oh well... i dont know, i have a friend who prefers to do things behind his partner's knowledge. why? i guess if i were his partner, i would want to know rather than finding it out myself? hmmmm.. but then again, everyone is different. i am okay being friends with anyone.. but perhaps with him, i am still sore. it is not about me saying that he is bad. partly it was my fault for putting on hope... although he had said the things that men should be saying... or normally say... errmmm is it getting complicated?? heh.. heh... women are complicated :P i actually had this conversation with AD yesterday, and somehow it did bring me down and had me worried. i had my gym session yesterday after office... and it just blurt out of me.. that MB asked us out to join him and his gf. and AD's expression was like... 'oh ok...' the question that i threw to AD was, why? why suddenly he asked? maybe he feels that i am okay now? has he actually asked his gf before he asked us? hmmm too many questions, i know.. but its all playing in my head. and AD was nagging to me yesterday... that just pissed me off. :P and that gave me the opportunity to practice my karate skills on him... ahahaha... naahhh just a lil punch here and there... :P cant even beat him okay!

ahhhh.... i better go now... :(