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the roller coaster ride

by - August 14, 2008

wahh... good huh... right after the 'excited' posting, i got pissed... hee hee :D things have been moving very fast nowadays... 8 hours being in the office just ran out very fast! i have been interviewing a few candidates for an exec level in my dept. just have not find 'the' person just yet.

i got pissed by one of our customers. just hate it when someone was trying to twist things around and by making a remark like, ' being a customer service personnel, you should... blah..blah.. ' look, we are in customer service, yes but we work according to proper channel. some people, just because you are in a manager level, you think you know so much huh? and me, being in this line for almost more than 10 years now, still trying to keep myself calm and cynical at the same time. sendiri mau ingat laaa...

and yeup... since this is about the roller coaster ride.. and me getting pissed.. i was pissed off with my trainer yesterday. fine... i have been neglecting my diet and my gym. i get to go only once a week, and with the pattern of my food intake, it doesnt look good. so, i went to the gym yesterday and my trainer saw that layer of tummy that i have... i so feel like taking a pic of my tummy and let my readers judge.. hahhaha LOL... that'll be the day huh... come on, i am 164cm tall and i weigh now 54.7 kg... my ideal weight is 55kg... errmmm... is that not okay?? i was so urrgghhh with him yesterday... wahhh just could not stand his nagging man!!! so, to cut the story short, i had only my protein shake for dinner.. :( huwaaaaa... and when i am hungry, i get more cranky!! after gym, i took a rest before i head for shower and perform my prayer... and after that, while waiting for the 9pm online presentation, i just took a peek on my facebook.. when he started to nag again... i was like, 'what the F*&%!!' he really got to my nerves now... i had a very long day at the office with tonnes of things to do... and now he nags.. .. so, i just went to check on my prospects' numbers... get a whole list... while him still nagging... and lock myself in the room for half hour!! and after the presentation, he asked me if we are going out to buy me a bag.. well, a pouch actually... and my mood just went off somewhere - which of course, i cant hide it with my face expression!!! it really shows on my face whenever i feel happy, sad, frustrated etc... i am just so bad in hiding my true feelings. and he has the c#@$@ to ask me, 'why are you like this?' bengssss betul....!!

shite.... why am i sneezing non stop now!!??? cant afford to get sick now... flying off on saturday morning!! darnnn...

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