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by - August 11, 2008

aaahhh.... *lega*... thats how i feel right now. the company event was a successful one. despite only half of the registered customers/guests turned up, those who actually turned up had fun! i was so relieved after talking to most of them, and thanked them, they did enjoy themselves. perhaps i will post what i will write on the event for my office later on.

on the way home from KS, AD sent an sms asking what time we'll meet up on sunday. my mind was too tired.. replied his sms, 'at 2pm as usual if you like'. came back to KL around 8pm something.. was really exhausted and sticky. had a quick shower... forgot to take dinner... lepak with joelis... was in bed with them... showed some pics from my camera.. and soon after, i fell asleep ... zzzzzzz...

woke up a bit late... heh.. heh.. had to run a few errands... buying things for the lunch party that my youngests sister (N4) planned for her friends. ordered balloons for the party. sent joelis to their music class, while waiting, washed my car that had a lot of fingerprints from the monkeys in KS.. and had a drink with SA... cant remember the last time we get to chat. he has been busy with his event and so do i... okay laa... for about 15 minutes or so... and later pickup joelis.. drove off to the lrt station to pick up AD... kesian dia... he waited for 1 hour... he arrived early around 1pm something.. but he could not call.. hehehe... tak per.. tunggu je laa.. :P it was a lazy sunday... after lepakking at home, we, AD, myself, N3, coleman, joey went out to do some window shopping - cars window shopping..wuuhhuuuu... love the white bimmer... :P came back about an hour later, had a quick lunch... and AD went out cycling with joelis while i lay down lazying on the sofa reading newspaper. then... we went to jusco to get lisa something.. just after maghrib, sent joelis to my sister's (N1) house for dinner.. i dropped AD at the lrt station and drove back to my sister's house... wahhh... pecal!!! heaven!!! and durians!!! wallauwehhhhh... dan aku terbongkang kekenyangan... nyeh nyeh... :P abis diet aku!!!

this morning is a bit slow for me... maybe, the whole system (my system) is realizing that i am slowing down after all the excitement on the weekend. came to the office with my new laptop bag... hehehe.. thanks sis (N1) with the free laptop bag from petronas.. ahakss... saw all the balloons at our customer service counter.. thinking... hmmm its all over now... back to my workstation, trying to sort things out... claims.. receipts... invoices... hmmmm... at the same time... trying to chase all the desk work that has been put on hold.

had a peak into fb... aahhh... looking at the newlywed page... ahhh no photos yet :( cleaning up some apps invited by friends. now that the event is over, felt like... errmmmm back to desk work? :( :P :O aahhh..... there are other things lining up.. shuckksss!!! and ein started to panic again... hahahaha LOL okay... okay... blog later okay...

oh yes... there was a balloon bursting session in the office :P i'll just post some pics that i took with my camera... now still waiting for the professional photographer to send in their pics.

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